Editors' Picks — Beans & Grains

April  1, 2011
  • Mung Bean and Mixed Rice Sweet Congee Bread



We were blown away by the pheneomenal community effort that went into both creating and testing this record number of Editors' Pick candidates. You rose to our mysterious bulk bin challenge (all will be revealed soon -- we promise!) and in return now we all have a wealth of inventive and delicious recipes to draw from when we find ourselves wandering down the bulk bin aisle or peering into our pantries, needing some dry good inspiration.

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So this week, we want to give an especially big thanks to all of our volunteer recipe testers for your thoughtful comments and for helping us continue to strengthen our recipe recommendations. You can read each tester's comments by clicking through to the recipes. And even if the recipe you tested wasn't chosen as an EP, please feel free to leave your testing notes in the recipe's comments section. Constructive criticism is always encouraged!

Congratulations to another great batch of Editors' Picks!





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Hippo F. April 24, 2011
Somehow I was really late to discover my recipe in this list as an Editor's pick. So happy to see that my moment of laziness while picking parsley on a hot day was appreciated by my tester. Thanks Goldenblind221 for the review, I am very happy you enjoyed it.
vvvanessa April 7, 2011
thanks to Marnely for the generous review! i'm so glad you've found a way to enjoy oats!
Hilarybee April 7, 2011
Thank you, Forest_Lady for your kind review! If you want more kick, I sometimes chuck an extra jalepeno pepper in there with some cayenne.
susan G. April 4, 2011
Since AJ has brought up our distant pasts, I'll contribute a reminder that 'bulk bins' as we know them are a recent evolution of the concept. My history with bulk commodities starts with crocks, the same kind used for pickling. They have a number on the side which gives the quantity of gallons it holds. When I was in college there was a shop that sold them priced at $1.00 per gallon. Now I can find them in antique shops, at pricy prices. Classics!
AntoniaJames April 4, 2011
WinnieAb's Simply Seasoned Adzuki Beans are amazing, everyone. I just made a second batch. I don't put the garlic powder and chili in (don't own the former, don't like the latter), and the past few days, have stirred these tasty little beans into my morning steel cut oats with a bit of ricotta salata or, this morning, white miso. To die for! And here's to everyone who contributed to and/or tested recipes for this project. I've been a bulk bin regular since I started baking bread regularly (at about age 20 -- long before many of you were born), and this project, with all the great ingredients I've seen but not tried yet, and all these recipes that are now on my "must try soon" list, has been so fun . . . and useful!! ;o)
creamtea April 3, 2011
Wow! Thanks Panfusine and Enbe for testing my recipes and for your gracious comments! Thanks for posting the lovely photos of the megedarra, Panfusine. I hadn't checked the site in awhile. This was such a pleasant surprise.
Panfusine April 3, 2011
My pleasure Creamtea, thanks for a wonderful lunch idea.. & that dollop of greek yogurt over the lentils completely bowled me over!! (I did not put that in the pic since it tends to reflect light & look like a white blob!)
Jaynerly April 3, 2011
Thanks for the EP! Thank you to susan g for testing my soup and your review. This was such a
fun challenge and there are so many more recipes here that I will be trying.
boulangere April 2, 2011
Feel so lucky to be here! Thanks to hardlikearmour for such a sweet review!
susan G. April 2, 2011
So honored to make the EP list! I'm in such good company -- so many recipes here to try! Yesterday's snowfall made me appreciate even more all the good comfort foods . And thanks to aargersi for a review full of perceptive thoughts.
aargersi April 3, 2011
Absolutely my pleasure - we love love love your 4th of July limas and will be making them again! BEFORE the 4th of July!!!
lastnightsdinner April 2, 2011
Wow, thanks for the EP, and big thanks to Jaynerly for testing my recipe! What a great group of dishes - I look forward to cooking my way through them :)
Jaynerly April 3, 2011
My pleasure, I loved it!
Helen's A. April 2, 2011
What a great challenge this was! Congratulations to everyone. I'm so inspired and can't wait to try more of these. Many thanks to moneymom for trying my recipe and the great review - it's one of my husband's favorites and I'm glad you liked it too!
monkeymom April 2, 2011
Helen, I felt like I totally hit the jackpot with this recipe. It is SO delicious. I've been happily eating if for lunch all week with the corn quesadillas. What a great combo and I can't wait to put chipotles and adobo into many more things.
fiveandspice April 2, 2011
Congratulations to all the EPs! It's so much fun to see how creative everyone here is with using ingredients, whether they're imported from France or found in the bulk bin! It's just fabulous!
betteirene April 2, 2011
After this wealth of recipes to try, we can call ourselves a bunch of, ahem, "regular" cooks. Just look at all those photos of glorious fiber! We're all gonna live to be 100! But seriously, now. . .I tested 2 recipes (Gatherer's Pie and Barley Bowl) last weekend; today, because it's pouring here--a perfect day for soup, I made Yellow Split Pea Soup with Cooked Rice Sandwich Bread. Brown Rice Jambalaya-ish will be Sunday dinner, accompanied by either Power Bread or Flax Seed Potato Bread. With the weekly theme, I'll try two, maybe three recipes. . .this theme, though, has really got me cooking. I can't wait to hit the bulk bins again. Thanks, everyone, for the contributions.
Fairmount_market April 1, 2011
Thanks to everyone for their efforts in this project. I'm excited to try so many of these recipes.
boulangere April 1, 2011
hardlikearmour, thank you profoundly for your sensitive and generous testing results!
healthierkitchen April 1, 2011
What a great wealth of new recipes! Many thanks drbabs and sagegreen for testing my recipes and for the thoughful notes. Can't wait to find out the mystery!
Sagegreen April 1, 2011
Thanks TiggyBee and Burnt Offerings for such great reviews of my dishes. Thanks to the editors for the EPs. Congrats to all the testers and new EPs, as well.
TiggyBee April 3, 2011
Sagegreen, it was my pleasure. I'll be making it again soon!!
Panfusine April 1, 2011
Thank you Jennifer Ann for the lovely validation & review of the Bisi bela
boulangere April 1, 2011
YAY for you AntoniaJames! Your potato bread with flax seeds is truly wonderful!
monkeymom April 1, 2011
Sagegreen, what a beautiful photo! Thanks for testing my recipe and for the lovely review. So many great recipes, can't wait to try them!
Sagegreen April 1, 2011
My pleasure! I uploaded two photos; thanks for asking. I took photos of all the recipes that I tested, but I think these were my lucky shots.