23 Ways to Tequila, From Cookies to Cocktails

July 24, 2017

For some, tequila shares the esteemed company of rowdy college students, questionably clean shot glasses, and hard-as-rocks limes. I get it. And while you may have once sworn, “Never again, tequila!,” it's also the base of drinks that have been enjoyed in Mexico for millennia. Let those who are without disastrous tequila stories cast the first stone.

Piquant tequila can update an eggnog, or add vibrancy to crispy fish. Here are 23 recipes for you to get creative with this liquor. Don't worry—no shots. But it's totally fine if you take one. I’m not judging.

Add Some Spirit To Your Meals

Tequila's not just for margaritas

Ok, Ok, Some Margaritas

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