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31 Recipes That Require No Oven, No Stove, No Sweat, No Tears

August  2, 2017

The oven in my apartment is dead. You could say I rang the death knell, baking pies at 425° and pizzas at 500° F every weekend—acting like it's October, not August, like my oven is an Olympic marathoner, not an aging, overheated turtle. Had I been more gentle, perhaps, its knobs wouldn't have melted and fused.

Or maybe this is fated? A sign I should keep my kitchen cool and lay-off my weekly baking sprees?

Alas, may my old oven rest in peace. While I grieve, I'll have to do without an oven (or a stovetop) for maybe a week or two. But even if your oven is still perfectly functional, you may be wary to introduce any artificial heat into your kitchen. If the answer is yes, browse these 31 no-cook, nearly-raw recipes. If they require any heat at all, an electric water kettle will suffice.


Salads (+ bREAD SALADS)

You'll have to toast pita for fattoush, but Rivka says, "If it’s too hot to turn on the oven, you can just slip the pita slices in the toaster and toast until crisped." Wahoo:

The beauty of bulghur? Pour water over top and wait ten minutes. No boiling necessary:


Instead of adding your rice noodles to boiling water, try pouring boiling-hot water from an electric kettle over the noodles, then letting them soak until tender:

Okay, so you'll have to boil pasta...


Invest in a rotisserie chicken (that is, let someone else do the hot work):

Canned beans are your friends:

The Sweeter Stuff

What's your go-to no-cook meal? Tell us in the comments below.

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the M. August 6, 2017
You made my day - my kitchen renovation starts Monday and you have given me so many ideas to riff on during the process! A HUGE THANK YOU!
Sigurður B. August 6, 2017
Thank yoú very much, for all these recipes.