For Dreamy, Delicious Frosting, Make Your Own

September 14, 2017

When someone slices a sheet cake, two parties emerge: those who fight for the extra-frosted corner pieces and those who don't. I’m firmly in the former camp (sometimes I even help clean those frosting scrapers’ plates), and wouldn’t dream of baking a cake without a respectable layer of chocolate ganache or whipped buttercream. Life’s better with a little a lot of frosting.

Sure, there are classic pairings, like red velvet and cream cheese, chocolate and orange, or lemon and raspberry, but cakes can have multiple frosting soulmates. Instead of simply combining two flavors and calling it a day, learning a few basic formulas for frosting opens a whole new world of delicious desserts. Go ahead and whip up one of these tried-and-true frostings. They’ll go with any cake, promise.

*All* the wonderful ways you can top that cake

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