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19 Filling Breakfasts that Can Double As Dinner

October  9, 2017

It began with April Bloomfield’s English porridge. That genius, hearty, chewy bowl introduced me to salty-sweet harmony. Intrigued by the concept of savory oatmeal, I followed the recipe to a T, ultimately making way more breakfast servings than I anticipated. Determined to eat it all, I added cheese, garlic, and Sriracha and gave oatmeal for dinner a try. Thus, my love for breakfasts that can transition into dinner was born.

I’m not talking about bowls of cereal or midnight pancakes. My double duty breakfasts lean toward savory. They’re either quick cookers or make-ahead staples, lasting in the refrigerator for days. Most importantly, they’re a filling beginning or end to my day.

Want to make a breakfast that can do both? Here are 19 of my favorites.




What's your favorite double-duty breakfast? A fan of the simple scramble? Tell us below!

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