Bring Festive Fizz to Any Celebration with Champagne Cocktails

December 22, 2017

Champagne has always reminded me of a snow globe—a dizzying flurry of upwardly mobile bubbles contained behind the serenity of curved glass. Admittedly, one is more fun to shake, while the other is better suited to imbibing. Confusing the two could be disastrous. Nonetheless, both bring to mind chillier months, laughter, and celebration.

Bubbles are excellent all year round, but around the holidays they assume new meaning. They tickle our tummies with joy and bring levity to a season usually so earthbound by heavy sauces, creams, and pompous desserts. I like a bubbly beverage for its ability to lift; effervescence manifest. We’ve rounded up some of the best and bubbliest drinks for the holiday season from our Automagic Holiday Menu Maker, along with a few bonus beverages. Head over there if you seek more festive inspiration, or want to customize a holiday feast all your own. Cheers!

How do you bubble? Let us know your ways in the comments.