14 Magical Ways to Transform a Can of Chickpeas into Dinner, Now

January  3, 2018

On my leanest cooking days, the ones when tumbleweed rolls across my fridge and pantry shelves, I can almost always count on finding one thing: a can of chickpeas. It may be dusty, it may be dented, but it is the building block I need to make a filling, warming dinner on nights I don't want to venture out to the store (or resort to takeout).

Like some sort of magic, a can of chickpeas transforms into a spiced, chili-warmed Indian stew (with a few additions, of course). It turns plain-old sweet potatoes into something nutty and hearty, or, along with garlic, tomato paste, and pasta, can turn into the most magical pantry meal around. So this new year, make a resolution you can most definitely keep: always, always have a can of chickpeas on hand—here are 14 ways to use it.

How do you work your magic to transform a can of chickpeas into a weeknight dinner? Tell us in the comments!

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    Eileen O'Neil
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Betsy January 4, 2019
I roast chickpeas in a pan with broccoli, sweet potatoes diced small, and a thinly sliced lemon (all tossed in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt). I eat it on a bed of black rice or pilaf or kale, with feta cheese sprinkled on top. If I'm feeling adventurous (or extra hungry), I throw in some oil-cured black olives, or avocado slices, or toasted sliced almonds. Nothing better.
Eileen O. December 30, 2018
Recently I turned a can of chickpeas into the most wonderful sweet potato, ground pork, canned tomatoes, chili.
Deejay December 30, 2018
When low on groceries, I make simple tuna salad with chickpeas, boiled eggs, Italian dressing, and pita bread. Could be fancied up but it’s nutritious and filling.
Vandana January 3, 2018
Just yesterday I searched "chickpeas" on your website and earmarked eight recipes to make! Either someone's reading my mind, or you've decided to focus your analytics on my weeknight dinners. Regardless, this agglomeration is much appreciated!