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What To Do With a Jar Of Kimchi

January  2, 2018

A jar full of kimchi is a beautiful thing. It sits in my fridge like a bright, orange beacon calling me to tangy, comforting bites—especially in this bitter cold. Salty, spicy, crunchy kimchi is the perfect solution for instant warmth and zip. The complex, fermented flavors of cabbage, radishes, cucumbers, garlic (and just about any other vegetable you can think of) usually pack enough heat that I keep a glass of water nearby. Plus, it keeps for ages (some might argue forever), making it an ever-dependable dinner helper.

I’m more than happy to eat kimchi straight from the jar, but if you’re looking to add depth to rice bowls and noodle salads, or brightness to heavy stews and crispy french toast, here are 10 ways to use up that jar.

And if you want to make your own jar:

What's your favorite way to use kimchi? Do you eat it straight out of the jar? Share below!

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Ttrockwood January 2, 2018
I have made that recipe for steamed and raw radish salad with kimchi so often it's embarrassing!! I have been using roasted radishes, and i am a spice wimp so i use a white kimchi. I have been SO obsessed with kimchi this year that i am starting my own batch to save some serious money, i am excited to try it this weekend :))

I love using the kimchi liquid whisked with a little neutral oil as a salad dressing, really amazing way to make salad more interesting
HalfPint January 2, 2018
I love to make Dubu Kimchi, which is tofu stir-fried with pork belly and kimchi. It's a great way to use up kimchi that is getting old.
HalfPint January 3, 2018
Yes, I have added noodles to it. I think I used a pad thai noodles. I've seen the restaurants add the bean noodles (?, it's the same noodles that they use for japchae). And yes, it's delicious with noodles too.
Olga O. January 2, 2018
Also, kimchi pancakes: http://www.mangotomato.com/2014/09/kimchi-20-kimchi-pancakes-recipe.html
Olga O. January 2, 2018
Don't forget grilled cheese! http://www.mangotomato.com/2013/11/grilled-cheese-sandwich-with-kimchi-and.html