The Snappiest, Simplest Way to Add Green to Any Dish Is In Your Freezer


The Snappiest, Simplest Way to Add Green to Any Dish Is In Your Freezer

January  4, 2018

Sometimes when things are cold and dark and post-holiday, I get into a cooking rut. I start making things on autopilot, chiefly simple pastas and things that make me feel good and comforted, things that have a lot of cheese and maybe not much else. There is a notable lack of green things in my diet, which, as a functioning adult, is a color I try to have represented in almost all of my meals.

Thankfully, there's an easy, PEAS-y way to slip some green into (almost) every dish—just open up the freezer. In case you missed the heavy-handed reference: it's frozen peas! These sweet, bright little spheres add a verdant spark to ginger-y fried rice, rich coconut curries, and, of course, cheesy pastas. Simply defrost and toss a few handfuls of this miracle freezer staple into your pot or pan, and you're on your way to a balanced(ish) meal. Here are 11 ways:

How do you make the most of frozen peas? Or are you a fresh or bust kind of pea person? Holler in the comments!

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M.McAwesome January 4, 2018
I always add peas or spinach whenever a recipe doesn't have enough veggies. Especially useful for soups, stews, or noodle dishes when adding them in at the end doesn't require an extra dish.