A Cool Trick for Prettier Vegetables

March 30, 2018

Wilty greens in a stir-fry are delicious. Wilty greens in a salad? Not so much. Whether it’s a hearty slaw or light spring mix, this time of year I really crave that snap and crunch of fresh-as-can-be vegetables. And now I’ve found a way to guarantee my shaved salads will stay crisp.

In Saladish, New York–based chef Ilene Rosen’s recently released cookbook, she reveals a super-smart trick for turning vegetables into a feast for the eyes (as well as the stomach).

When shaving carrots, beets, kohlrabi, asparagus, or scallions lengthwise, place the curled pieces into a bowl of ice water. They’ll keep curly and crisp until ready to serve.

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It seems simple, but so are shaved salads—you want to get the details just right. If you’re curious to try out a vegetable ice bath, here are 7 salads perfect for the occasion:

Don't want a recipe? Then freestyle your own:

What’s your best tip for ensuring a crunchy salad? Share below!


lois April 3, 2018
Relish tray? What is that????
BerryBaby March 30, 2018
Beautiful! The ice water is a tried and true tip that I learned as a kid in the 50’s. Works great on decorative radishes, opens them up. We would make carrot curls for the dinner salad and put in ice water. Old tips are still the best!
Author Comment
Katie M. April 1, 2018
I love that this is something you did as a kid! Seems like a great way to let little hands help ;)
BerryBaby April 1, 2018
Yes, that became my responsibility at a very young age, the relish tray. That was the beginning of my love of cooking.
Maureen April 2, 2018
Someone else still recalls the relish tray?