11 Ways to Wing It This Memorial Day

May 22, 2018

Game day or not, if chicken wings aren't on the menu, is it really even a party? We didn't think so, either. To help you kick off your summer festivities over the coming long weekend, we've rounded up some of our favorite spicy, saucy wing recipes. Whether you throw them on the grill, in the fryer, or bake 'em in the oven, a big platter of wings might make your Memorial Day a little bit messier (be sure to have plenty of wet naps!), but will definitely make it truly memorable (you always remember the party with the really good wings, right?).

make oven magic

Fire up the grill

Give it a fry

Watch for more fry-spiration

Get saucy

Bonus: Not-Wing things

And as a bonus, all the vegetarians at the party can get in on the wing action, too. They're just a fry and a blue cheese dunk away.

How will you be winging it for Memorial Day? Share your favorite ways in the comments below!

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