13 Summer Fruit Desserts

July 19, 2011

We know the feeling. Greenmarket ADD sets in and, before you know it, you're quarts deep in glistening summer fruit. The moment eating out-of-hand gets old, turn to these 13 gorgeous desserts -- also good for swooping in last minute to save a summer dinner party.

Late Summer Plum Cake by JSCooks

Late Summer Plum Cake

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Glazed Cherries with Almond Ice by amanda

Glazed Cherries with Almond Ice


Blueberry Tart by SmallKitchCara

Blueberry Tart


Peaches Poached With Basil by TheRunawaySpoon

Peaches Poached With Basil


Blueberry Grappa Sauce by amanda

blueberry grappa sauce


Plum and Blueberry Custard tart with Hazelnuts Crust by WinnieAB

Plum and Blueberry Custard Tart with Hazelnut Crust


Cherry Jam with Lemon-Pepper Shortbread by DolcettoConfections

cherry Jam with Lemon-Pepper Shortbread


Cherry Almond Torte by Rivka

Cherry Almond Torte


Simple Summer Peach Cake by Savour

Simple Summer Peach cake


Cherry Brown Sugar Fool with Honey Almonds by Slulibby

Cherry Brown Sugar Fool with Honey Almonds


Plum Tart by amanda

Plum Tart


Tender Yellow Cake by sdebrango (and Jenny)

Tender Yellow cake


Nectarine Slump by amanda

Nectarine Slump


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Jvp2011 July 28, 2011
These are great, we are going to try them for sure. Try this one out too for a great variation, the crust is amazing!
Nikki S. July 27, 2011
Ooh! These all inspire me to get baking!
Bevi July 26, 2011
I also make runawayspoon's peaches and serve them with with all sorts of goodies - ice cream, pound cake, biscuits, etc.
AmyRuth July 25, 2011
I would make all these beautiful yummies. Would someone please come to me and eat them with me? I can't afford all the calories, but they are certainly on my list before fruits end.
matece July 26, 2011
When? With pleasure.
lebert July 26, 2011
Ooh me! Pick me!!
em-i-lis July 23, 2011
And yes, smallkitchcara's tart is fabulous!
em-i-lis July 23, 2011
These all look amazing!!! But where are the blackberries? :) check out my blackberry pie recipe! It's fabulous and super easy!
Ladystiles July 21, 2011
Oh my! I am inspired to go bake with some fresh fruit!
EmilyC July 19, 2011
And I can attest to the goodness of SmallKitchCara's blueberry tart, which I made this past weekend for the first time!
Bevi July 19, 2011
Having made JSCooks' Summer Plum Cake about a dozen times last year, I can attest to its goodness!