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16 Wish List Items That Will Make Our Thanksgiving & Holiday Prep So Much Easier

All the kitchen and home essentials we're about to hit "checkout" for.

November  1, 2018
Photo by Rocky Luten

If you, like me, checked the calendar only to be shocked to the core that November's already upon us and yes, that's Thanksgiving just three weeks away, you're not alone. We've entered the busiest—and frankly, most exciting—time of year, and we're gearing up for all the glorious fun, delicious food, and joyful gatherings headed our way.

The holidays are very nearly here! Take a look at what some of the Food52 team has waiting in their carts to make this time the most special (and efficient) yet.

Peter Romero, Senior Account Executive

Photo by Ty Mecham
  • Bodega Glasses (17.5 ounces): I'm glad we carry these! A happy reminder from my time studying abroad in San Sebastian where they are ubiquitous at most places of eating. They are my perfect cup—sturdy, easy to hand-wash, stackable, hold a lot of liquid (water, wine, cider), and are good-looking.

  • Greenpan: I am late to the game (or not at the game) for this Food52 staff crowd-pleaser. I'm in need of an upgrade nonstick pan, so it seems like the perfect choice for quick meals during this busy of time of year.

  • Mike's Hot Honey: I gifted this a few times last year to universal positive reviews. Seems like a nice condiment to have on-hand for your pizza party or Friendsgiving™ (that's when my friends break out the deep fryer and deep fry everything in sight).

Ishita Singh, Video Programming Director

Photo by Ty Mecham
  • Mason Cash Forest Measuring Jug: I've always been a fan of large measuring cups (they can double as small mixing bowls!), but this Mason Cash one is pretty enough to add on a third role: as a gravy boat for Friendsgiving.

  • Emile Henry Ceramic Bakers (set of 3): This set of three means I no longer need to worry about what to serve Friendsgiving sides in—mashed potatoes will be piled high in the small one, Brussels sprouts gratin goes in the medium size, and stuffing is for the large one (my friends and I go in on stuffing). That they nest together when not in use is a life-saver in my tiny kitchen!

  • Dough Scraper: I have a half-counter's worth of space in my kitchen, so anything that makes rolling out a pie dough easier is a must-have.

  • Food52 Navy Waxed Denim Apron, by Hedley & Bennett: I forget to take my apron off until midway through a dinner party so often that it's become a running joke. This apron looks nice and hides stains, which is a big step up from my old no-longer-white one.

Trevor Baca Adams, Merchandising Coordinator

Photo by Ty Mecham

Eric Kim, Senior Editor

Photo by Ty Mecham
  • Nordic Ware Gold Nonstick Baking Sheet Sets: I already have a couple of these in the quarter sheet size—I use them for everything. Sheet-pan dinners, roasted vegetables, all-edge brownies. I'm itching to get more in the other sizes. The nonstick also means they're so much easier to clean than regular sheet pans.

  • Nordic Ware Pine Forest Bundt Pan: I have a problem: I can't stop buying Bundt pans! (Even though I probably only ever bake one once a year during the holidays.) I want this pine forest number for the sole purpose of dusting confectioners' sugar over it. I can see it now...maybe I'm at fabulous Christmas party where everything's served in Bundt pans and Bundt pans alone.

  • 1pt Liquor Infusion Set: I love throwing a huge, over-the-top holiday party in my tiny studio apartment with the theme of "minimum effort, maximum pleasure." This liquor infusion set's been in my cart for a while and hits that note, I think: an easy way to get special, unexpected flavors into your spirits.

Alik Barsoumian, Video Producer

Photo by Jason Lam

Which tools are always on your list of holiday helpers? Share your favorites with us below!

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