Bake It Up a Notch

The Very Best Baking Tools for Every Level of Baker

Whether you're a budding baker or looking to bake things up several notches, this list is for you.

March 11, 2022

Bake It Up a Notch is a column by Resident Baking BFF Erin Jeanne McDowell. Each month, she'll help take our baking game to the next level, teaching us all the need-to-know tips and techniques and showing us all the mistakes we might make along the way.

Back when Food52 first started, you could find my recipes under the username apartmentcooker—a nod to my then-blog, The Apartment Kitchen. I started the blog when I first graduated pastry school. I had spent years in well equipped professional kitchens, but in my first apartment, I was armed only with a single bowl, a single fork, and a strong desire to build my ultimate kitchen collection. Back then, I documented my purchases—what was worthy and why. Now, after many years of baking, buying, and even re-buying tools, I’m sharing all my favorites in the newest episode of Bake it Up a Notch.

I divided this episode into three categories: Budding Baker, the intermediate Baker on the Rise, and a more advanced tool set for anyone ready to Bake it Up Many Notches. I’ve pulled the most essential tools from our episode, and explained exactly why I love them so much; you'll see a list below my mainstays of other items you can pick up, too. We dive more into all of these tools in the full episode, so be sure to check it out there.

For the Budding Baker

The budding baker is just getting started. They’re interested in baking and eager to learn more, but maybe not ready to devote too much drawer and counter space to their new hobby (yet).

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1. Escali Kitchen Scale, $24.95

The most important tool any baker can have. If you are just getting started, it may seem intimidating. But a good quality kitchen scale won’t set you back more than $30, and can help prevent measuring mistakes—one of the most common errors in baking! Measuring by weight is more accurate, and you can measure right in the bowl you’re mixing in (less dishes, anyone)?

Photo by Rocky Luten

2. GIR Silicone Spatulas (Set of 2), $26

My most used hand tool is a flexible, heat-safe silicone spatula. Look for spatulas that are all one piece rather than a separate handle and head, which are flimsier and harder to clean. I keep two sets of spatula colors in my kitchen: one color for sweet, and one for savory (no garlicky whipped cream on my watch)!

Photo by Bobbi Lin

3. Ateco Offset Spatulas, $5.69+

Offset spatulas are like an extension of a baker’s hand, and can be used for everything from transferring cookies to a baking sheet to swiping some icing on top of them after they cool. I like to keep two sizes of offset spatulas on hand: small (about a 4-inch blade) and medium (about an 8-inch blade).

Photo by Bobbi Lin

4. GIR Silicone-Grip Whisk (Set of 2), $25

A good whisk is a must for mixing simple batters, whipping cream, and even aerating dry ingredients if you don’t have a sifter handy! It can be helpful to have larger whisks for most mixing jobs, but I love to keep a mini one on hand for smaller quantities.

Photo by Rocky Luten

5. Five Two Bench Scraper, $15

One of my first baking jobs was as a bread baker, which is where I fell in love with this tool. There, we used it to portion yeasted doughs—but I also love it for cutting cold butter into cubes for pie dough, and cleaning off a floury work surface in just a few swipes.

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6. Taylor Precision Products Oven Thermometer, $5.99

It is unfortunately quite common for home ovens to fall out of calibration, and if your oven is running hotter or colder than the temperature you set it at, it could yield disastrous results. An oven thermometer is an easy and inexpensive solution. Try placing it in a few different places in your oven, leaving it for 30 minutes before reading the temperature.

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7. King Arthur Baking Parchment Paper (100 Count), $24.95

Parchment paper is a great way to prevent baked goods from sticking, and can even help keep browning of the base of a baked good more even than baking directly on a baking sheet. I also use parchment paper to line cake and loaf pans, or cut square pieces to use as makeshift muffin liners.

More Beginner's Picks From Erin

9. Maison Plus Heavyweight Stainless Steel Oval Measuring Spoons, $25

10. Duralex Glass Mixing Bowls (10-piece set), $45 or WHYSKO Metal Mixing Bowls (5-piece set), $18.48+

11. Wire Cooling Rack (Set of 2), $36

12. Nordic Ware Aluminum Baking Sheets, $24+

13. Wilton Perfect Results Square Cake Pan (Set of 3), $21.29 $19.61

14. Nordic Ware Aluminum Loaf Pan, $34

15. OXO Good Grips Glass Pie Plate With Lid, $14.99

For the Baker on the Rise

Photo by Julia Gartland

16. Five Two Adjustable Rolling Pin, $39

Rolling pins are a personal choice, but I love French style pins (no handles, often slightly tapered at the ends). I’m also partial to the Five Two by Food52 rolling pin, which comes with silicone rings that can be used to guide you to an even thickness when rolling.

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17. OXO Good Grips Pastry Cutter, $14.99

A pastry cutter is a made up of a series of rounded metal blades attached to handle. It’s perfect for “cutting” fat into flour in recipes like pie dough, biscuits, streusel, and more. It’s especially ideal for anyone with warm hands!

Photo by Ty Mecham

18. Kitchen Aid Tilt Head Stand Mixer, $429.99, or Braun Electric Hand Mixer, $72.99

An electric mixer makes faster work of mixing just about any recipe, but is especially useful for longer mixing tasks, like whipping meringue or kneading brioche dough. A hand mixer is a great, less expensive option that also easily fits into a drawer or cabinet. It’s also ideal for tasks that require more flexibility, like whipping 7 minute frosting over a double boiler. But a good quality stand mixer is my go to for just about any baking project.

Photo by Rocky Luten

19. Pastry Brush From Five Two Ultimate Baking Tool Set, $15+

A lot of bakers I know prefer pastry brushes with natural bristles, but I love silicone brushes. They are easy to clean (and keep clean!), and there’s no worry about the bristles falling out and getting stuck in or on the food.

Photo by ThermoWorks

20. ThermoWorks Super-Fast Thermapen Digital Thermometer, $83

A good digital thermometer is wonderful for so many tasks. You might think of it for checking oil temperature before frying doughnuts, or cooking a sugar syrup to the perfect stage. But my most common use for a thermometer in my kitchen is taking the internal temperature of bread—it’s the easiest way to determine doneness!

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21. Joyce Chen Kitchen Shears, $23.41 $19.60

I use kitchen shears for tons of tasks, like trimming away excess pie dough. There’s only one pair of perfect scissors in my eyes: they are sharp, lightweight, and not at all bulky.

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22. Eppicotispai Pastry Wheel, $14.95

A pastry wheel is a wonderful cutting tool that makes easy work of cutting dough before baking (like lattice strips), or even slicing something like pizza after baking! My favorite kind has two sides: a straight edge, and a decorative fluted one.

More Intermediate Picks From Erin

23. Microplane Zester & Spice Grater (set of 2), $25

24. OXO Good Grips Fish Turner, $15.95

25. Ateco Medium Offset Spatula, $13.25

26. Serrated Knife in Frieling Layer Cake Slicing Kit,

27. de Buyer Strainer, $49

28. Five Two Good Measure Pastry Mat, $25

29. Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Rectangle Cake Pan (set of 2), $14.98

30. Nordic Ware Aluminum Round Cake Pans (Set of 2), $28+

31. Nordic Ware Muffin Pan, $29

For Those Ready to Bake It Up Lots of Notches

Photo by James Ransom

32. OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoop (Set of 3), $47.97

Sure, a scoop is great for getting ice cream into a bowl, but it can do so much more! Scoops come in an array of sizes and can be used to portion doughs, batters, and even frostings evenly. My favorite sizes for home use are ¼ cup (#16), 2 tablespoon (#30), and 1 tablespoon (#60).

Photo by Rocky Luten

33. DeBuyer Reusable Pastry Bags (Set of 3), $30+ & Pastry Tips (Set of 26), $59.95

Piping bags are a useful tool all on their own—not only for piping frosting onto cookies or cakes, but also as a portioning tool for things like éclairs or cream puffs. Paired with tips, they are capable of making beautiful decor effects from simple (rosettes) to advanced (basket weave).

Photo by Ty Mecham

34. JK Adams Marble & Wood Rotating Cake Stand, $125, or Ateco Revolving Cake Stand, $69

A cake turntable provides a rotating surface to decorate your cake on. While this is a tool usually specific to finishing and decorating cakes, it makes the job so much easier. I couldn’t live without it now!

Photo by Bed Bath & Beyond

35. Rosle Kitchen Torch, $65.99

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Bake it Up a Notch, you’ll know I love my kitchen torch. I buy mine at the hardware store, rather than the kitchen supply store. It’s larger and bulkier, but it also lasts longer and is easy to use.

Photo by King Arthur

36. King Arthur Baking Giant Spatula, $16.95

I started using this flexible, oversized spatula as a food stylist to help me move delicate final items around the set. It provides a wide base of support and plenty of flexibility to make easy work of lifting and moving any baked good!

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37. OXO Good Grips Adjustable Liquid Measuring Cup, $14.99

I’m not a fan of measuring cups for dry ingredients, but I love this adjustable liquid measuring cup. It is especially great for sticky items like honey or peanut butter—you can push the base straight upwards, then easily scrape the edge to remove the full quantity with minimal effort.

38. de Buyer Round Pastry Cutters (Set of 9), $44.95

I use these as simple cookie cutters, but also for a million other baking tasks. I trace around them onto parchment paper to make guides for myself when making macarons, or use them to cut dough when making mini pies, or even to create mini layer cakes!

More Pro-Baker Picks From Erin

39. Rose Levy Beranbaum Reduction Spatula, $9.99

40. Parchment Paper Rounds, $10.59

41. Wilton Cake Boards, $6.59+

42. Cuisinart Elemental Food Processor, $99.95

43. Hiware Spider (Set of 3), $11.99

44. OXO Quick Release Multi-Cherry Pitter, $21.99

45. Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan, $38

46. Nordic Ware Tube Pan, $28.00 $26.73

47. Ballarini Nonstick Springform Pan (Set of 3), $51.99 $39.99

48. Wilton Excelle Elite Tart Pan With Removable Bottom, $23,76

49. USA Pan Pullman Loaf Pan With Cover, $29.44

50. Nordic Ware Jelly Roll Pan (Set of 2), $34

What’s your most essential piece of equipment? Let me know in the comments below!

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Alex J. January 19, 2024
Thanks for the best baking set! I see you have selected the branded products!

anniette September 26, 2022
Just watched Erin McDowell's video on how to crimp pie edges. Simplest explanation/instructions I have ever seen. Wasn't sure where to comment on them, so I came here. I am impressed and grateful! Thank you, Food52 and Erin McDowell! I'll be watching out for more.
SJhapamama March 18, 2022
What a great video--I've been baking for years, but really appreciated seeing what you use in the kitchen! I need to replace a very old stick blender (a Magic Wand by Williams-Sonoma that was made by Bamix). Abena showed us her stick blender. Can you tell me the brand/model of that item? Thanks!
JanS March 13, 2022
Hello Erin. Thanks for sharing all of your baking knowledge, the 'why' of how things work as well as your personal tips. I am the recipient of several insulated bakeware pieces - two cookie sheets, two round cake pans and one jellyroll pan. Do you recommend them? I find the first batch of cookies takes longer to bake than the following ones. Should they be pre-heated? I haven't used the jellyroll or cake pans yet, was hoping to get your advice. Thanks very much.
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Dear Erin, you are such a delight! Your videos are always chock full of baking knowledge, and your personality is so ebullient and joyful!
Liz S. March 12, 2022
I watched the video as I love all things Erin Jeanne McDowell and have learned a LOT from her recipes, videos and cookbooks.

As a 66 year old person in a 1 person household ... and a long time baker and scratch cook ... I think the recommendations are perfect!

I have volunteered in my local food bank to encourage scratch cooking and baking (oxymoron kind of since a food bank by nature must have things with shelf life ... still, there are options!) and part of the issue is tools as well as ingredients (spices!!). What I love about Erin's approach is that there is room for substitution and adaptation.