20 Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes That Mom Will Love

The dishes and drinks a mother deserves.

April 14, 2023
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It’s spring—and that means Mother’s Day is nearly here. While many will surrender themselves to an overpriced prix fixe brunch, we’re here to remind everyone: That doesn’t have to be you. Instead, consider making brunch at home. It’s fun, rewarding, and (often) better tasting. To make it easier for you, we’ve gathered our best savory, sweet, and cocktail recipes for the ultimate homemade Mother’s Day brunch.


1. Kamut Dutch Baby with Strawberries & Thyme

This Dutch baby is all about contrast. The soft, sweet center complements crisp, risen edges, while bright strawberries are mellowed by thyme. Even more important: This dish looks cool and is easy to make. If you're in need of a last-minute brunch option, look no further.

2. Aretha Frankenstein's Waffles of Insane Greatness

Everyone likes waffles. As they should—waffles are perfect and delicious and nostalgic and designed to be bathed in maple syrup. If you’re going to make waffles, make these; they’re silky on the inside, golden on the edges, and have been positively reviewed by over 100 of our community members.

3. French Toast Sticks

Make these for the table and they’ll be the brunch equivalent of chips and salsa.

4. Lemony Cream Cheese Pancakes with Blueberries

Whipped cream cheese permeates the interior of these lemon pancakes, making them fluffier, saltier, and creamier than the standard flapjack. With syrup and blueberries offering a pop of sweetness, the flavor of these pancakes is wonderfully balanced.

5. Cinnamon Rolls

Erin McDowell, our Resident Baking BFF, says it best: “If you want someone to fall in love with you, make these cinnamon rolls and a really good cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. Then sit back and act like it was no big deal while they melt in front of you.”

6. Dark Chocolate & Walnut Zucchini Bread

Although this quick zucchini bread looks like one big chocolate bar, it’s surprisingly not that sweet. With zucchini offering moisture and walnut giving a more savory crunch, this chocolate loaf is rich in complex flavor.

7. Burnt Miso Pound Cake

From Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi, this pound cake is all about the triumvirate of savory miso, rich sour cream, and bright apples. Serve with coffee and mimosas and you’ll begin Mother’s Day on a high note.


8. The BLT Benedict

This benedict combines some of life’s greatest culinary treasures: the BLT, poached eggs, and Eric Ripert’s fool-proof Hollandaise. If you’re going for a traditional brunch, a well-made benedict will never let you down.

9. Shakshuka Focaccia

A cross between shakshuka and eggs-in a-hole, this focaccia packs nostalgic flavors into a playful aesthetic. Finished in the oven and enough to feed eight people, this dish makes serving a large group manageable.

10. Potato, Chorizo, and Cheddar Breakfast Tacos

The breakfast taco is truly greater than the sum of its parts—and that says a lot when the “parts” are chorizo, breakfast potatoes, and scrambled eggs. While this recipe calls for corn tortillas, flour would work well here.

11. Magnus Nilsson's Gravlax

While definitely a project (you’ll need to start at least 24 hours prior to serving), salt-curing your own salmon is an impressive—and surprisingly easy—endeavor that yields consistently delicious fish. Serve with your favorite assortment of bagels, toasts, and spreads.

12. Simple Sicilian-Style Grilled Steak

Hanger is my preferred cut of steak to pair with eggs as it’s flavorful but never overpowering. This particular hanger steak is marinated with salmoriglio (a Sicilian sauce similar to a chimichurri), grilled over high heat, and sliced.

13. Spring Salad with Asparagus & Soft-Boiled Eggs

If you’re looking for something lighter, a brightly dressed salad with (in-season) asparagus and soft-boiled eggs is the way to go. The combination of briny feta, rich yolk, and acidic vinaigrette is tough to beat.

14. Huevos Rancheros With Chorizo & Porky Refried Beans

This recipe from Food52 Resident Rick Martinez is quick to put together (30 minutes start to finish), loaded with chorizo (always good), and great for a big crowd (serves six). If you’re already committed to the breakfast tacos from earlier, the salsa included in this recipe would make a great pairing.

15. Asparagus, Leek & Ricotta Quiche

According to Erin McDowell, this is “the perfect quiche for spring” and we entirely agree. It’s bright—both visually and in flavor—and reliant on two of the season’s greatest bounties: leeks and asparagus.

16. Jasper White’s World-Famous Lobster Rolls

Some reasons to make lobster rolls for brunch: One, these lobster rolls are served cold, so you can make them well in advance. Two, lobster makes any meal feel like an occasion. Three, lobster is, was, has been, and always will be delicious.


17. Spring Sangria with Strawberries &Mint

I’m happy to report that—unlike most of the sangria I’ve suffered through—this recipe isn’t cloying. Dry, balanced, and herbal, this is a sangria you’ll want to sip on throughout the day. Bonus: You can make this the night before so it’s ready to go whenever brunch begins.

18. Cold Brew Negroni

Seeing two of my favorite drinks get along this well makes me smile. While from a distance the pair may seem a bit strange, there’s just a lot of chemistry here: The sweet vermouth mellows cold brew’s bitterness, while the coffee flavor adds an earthy twist.

19. Zingy Michelada With Celery Salt

If you’re into Bloody Mary’s, by all means, make as many as your heart desires. However, if you’re like me, and prefer something a bit more refreshing, give the beer-based Michelada a try.

20. Gin Spritz

A spring brunch should be a lot like gin—bright and floral. This spritz is all of those things packaged into a pretty little glass.

Which of these recipes will you be making this Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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