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Too Many Cooks: Fruit for Dessert

June  7, 2013

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Swamp Pie

Fruit desserts are good after dinner. But they're even better the next morning, pulled out of the fridge under a veil of plastic wrap, and eaten with a fork. Spring and summer are the times to put fruit in our desserts, and to eat pie for breakfast. So we're wondering:

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What's your favorite fruit dessert? (Extra points to those who use words like pandowdy.)

Do you like neat, lattice-topped pies or messy slumps? Tell us in the comments!

Amanda: Hands down: pavlova.

Christina: Bananas Foster has always had my heart. But x2 on Amanda's pavlova.

Merrill: Pavlova and Eton Mess are right up there. Also cut-up peaches and blueberries with brown sugar and cream. And you can't forget Summer Pudding...this question is hard!

Jennifer: Freshly baked blueberry pie -- served warm and topped with vanilla ice cream.

Sarah S: Blueberry buckle, which also happens to be my favorite fruit for breakfast.

LindsayRhubarb anything. I'm churning up a batch of vegan rhubarb ice cream right now! 

Beatrice: Strawberry rhubarb napoleon with honey cardamom whipped cream filling!

Bryce: Peach pie. Sometimes with basil if I'm feeling fancy. 

Sarah J: Lemon meringue pie. The only problem is that the meringue loses its oomph after day one -- all the more reason to eat it quickly!

Stephanie: Raspberry clafoutis. It's custard and raspberries and that makes me happy.

Amanda Li: Mango shaved ice with condensed milk.

KristenStrawberry shortcake, but after the Canal House Cooks Lunch email I just got, whipped cream is getting the boot for salted butter.

Marian: As of yesterday, it's Amanda's plum tart

Maddy: Wild strawberry custard tartlet with meringue. I'm working to recreate the one I had in Italy, but need to find fingernail-size strawberries. (So maybe that's not the most appetizing description, but that's what size they were!)

MichaelBerries and cream in a bowl, with a spoon. Or berries and crème fraîche with brown sugar.

Lauren: Before discovering the life-changing Coconut Tres Leches on Tuesday, I would have joined Kristen on team strawberry shortcake. 

Tres Leches

KarlCherimoya -- it can be eaten just like a dessert out of its skin! It was in season when I lived in California -- but for now, rhubarb and berries hit the spot.

BretteRASPBERRY SWAMP PIE. I also love crumbles. But The Swamp wins.

Kenzi: Can I say Cherpumple? Does that count? 


Tell us: what are your favorite fruity desserts? 

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Marian Bull

Written by: Marian Bull



ChefJune June 9, 2013
summertime? shortcakes and cobblers and crumbles and crisps. Peaches and nectarines and cherries and berries of all sorts. And then there's Plum Kuchen...
Goshirago June 7, 2013
Regan Daly's Banana Strawberry cake. It is everything a cake should be! Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!
ZombieCupcake June 7, 2013
Have a few favorites one ingredient ice cream, bana cream pie and more hard to choose.
Kukla June 7, 2013
My favorite fruit dessert is fruit or berry strudel: Apple or Apricot or Sour Cherrie, because they have a lot more fruit then pastry. I especially enjoy them when they are fresh from the oven and still warm.
hardlikearmour June 7, 2013
@Jennifer: You owe it to yourself to make the Cook's Illustrated recipe for blueberry pie. It's amazingly good -- actually I'm pretty sure it's genius!
fiveandspice June 7, 2013
I don't know if I've met a fruit dessert I didn't like, especially if they're used as a vehicle for whipped cream, or ice cream, or (in my perfect world) both.
AntoniaJames June 7, 2013
This peach tart posted by Amanda a few summers ago has become my family's favorite since I made one shortly after it appeared here -- I add a handful of blueberries (because freshly-picked blueberries that are just a little tart go exceptionally well with the peaches) and drizzle a few tablespoons of heavy cream over the fruit before putting on the topping. Outstanding. I wish I could tell you what it's like for breakfast, but it seems to be the perfect midnight snack as well as the perfect dessert, because none of ours have ever seen daybreak. ;o)
ChefJune June 9, 2013
Amen to Amanda's Peach Tart!
aargersi June 7, 2013
Any fruit cobbler (peach is at the top of the list), warm, with vanilla ice cream melting on it. That cherpumple thing cracks me up! A dessert that for sure has jumped the shark.