Catch Up on the Piglet: Week 3

March  1, 2014

We're halfway through Round 3, and we're already getting sentimental for Piglet 2014. In our third week, we navigated the competition's upsets and shoe-ins like seasoned Piget pros. On Monday, Josh Malina set the tone by tending to his bucket list; April Bloomfield stressed that she looks for a cookbook with a sense of adventure; and, embracing that ideal, Tad Friend invited "naked-and-hallucinating-at-the-wheel-of-his-Porsche Robert Downey, Jr." in cookbook form to his house (and liked it). 

To read more, check out each judgment -- and the week's Piglet Community Picks -- below. We'll see you back here on Monday for the final rounds.

Summerland vs. Smoke & Pickles by Josh Malina

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Robicelli's vs. The New Persian Kitchen by Maxwell Ryan  


The A.O.C. Cookbook vs. Roberta's Cookbook by Tad Friend


Saving the Season vs. Notes from the Larder by Amanda Cohen


The New Persian Kitchen vs. Saving the Season by April Bloomfield

Piglet Community Picks

Le Pigeon, reviewed by Niccie King
Manresa, reviewed by KellyinToronto
Sorella, reviewed by Lisa
Tartine No. 3, reviewed by Amyc
New Italian Pantry, reviewed by Elizabeth Cote

Photos by James Ransom

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The Piglet—inspired by The Morning News' Tournament of Books—is where the 16 most notable cookbooks of the year face off in a NCAA-style bracketed tournament. Watch the action and weigh in on the results!


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Alexandra H. March 1, 2014
Super sad to see The Piglet ending! We need more Piglet sports fans have different sports in different seasons! Maybe a Piglet each for the October and May cookbook bonanzas and another for non-traditional release times. :)
jeanmarieok March 1, 2014
Like, like, like what ChefCitron says!!