Hotline MVP of the Month

February 22, 2015

To thank our members for their dedication to helping out their fellow cooks, every month we’ll choose a Food52er whose activity on the Hotline has caught our eye, and treat him or her to a $25 gift certificate to Provisions

Today: See who had the write stuff this month.

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We're excited to announce that February's Hotline MVP is Nancy!

Nancy is a voice of reason on the Hotline. She is the kindhearted friend who helps you with recipe substitutions, reminds you that it's okay to tweak a dish to suit your tastes, and encourages you to trust your cooking instincts. She's always ready with a suggestion: whether with ideas for a special meal or a casual breakfast with friends, tips on how to use an ingredient, or recommendations for the best birthday cake to make in advance.

Congratulations to Nancy and thanks to everyone who participates over on the Hotline -- the community wouldn’t be the same without you.

Want to boost your kitchen karma? We’re looking for enthusiastic participation throughout the month that is helpful, thoughtful, and considerate. 

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    Meaghan F
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Nancy March 2, 2015
Oops! AutoIncorrect reads "teens" but I meant "Trena"
Nancy March 2, 2015
Teens, thanks for the feedback. Another learner on the road to good cooking (Abd eating) ;)
Nancy February 25, 2015
Thanks Meaghan, are you selective fan of MacGyver and Magnum PI, or do you also like SG 1 and blue Bloods?
Meaghan F. February 25, 2015
Nancy February 25, 2015
Thanks for the good wishes, trampledbygeese and Pegeen...I always enjoy reading your cooking comments.The award was a nice surprise...I guess I have to start posting recipes now?
trampledbygeese February 23, 2015
Congratulations Nancy.
Pegeen February 22, 2015
Congratulations, Nancy!