17 Toasts with the Most

July  6, 2015

We're the kind of people who have to eat every three hours, and Pure Leaf Iced Tea is here to help with that.

Today: Snacks that prove bread is best. 

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Dear Toast,
We love you.

And we mean it—we even named our podcast after our favorite snack. Whether it's under a blanket of bubbly cheese, slathered with butter and jam, or loaded with smashed avocado, we think toast is the best thing since sliced bread. It's the ultimate vehicle for toppings and is infinitely customizable, making toast superior to most snacking (or, really, anytime). Here are 17 toasts with the most—organized by ingredient to help you snack happy. 

Break out the butter.


Smoked Salmon on Mustard-Chive and Dill Butter Toasts by Kukla
Radish and Butter Tartine by Marian Bull
Anthony Myint's French Toast Crunch by Genius Recipes


Great green things.


Minty Purée on Toast by Gena Hamshaw
Avocado Toast by Marian Bull
Grilled Bread with Thyme Pesto and Preserved Lemon Cream by fiveandspice
"Moroccan Guacamole" Toasts with Fried Egg by creamtea


Smile and say cheese. 


ABC Kitchen's Butternut Squash on Toast by Kenzi Wilbur
Toasted Goat Cheese Crostini with Basil and Red Onion Jam by Merrill Stubbs
Ooey Gooey Toasted Cheese by savorthis


Produce every which way. 


A Tomato Sandwich Worthy of a Little Bacon by inpatskitchen
Bagna Cauda Toasts with Radicchio, Egg, and Avocado by EmilyC
Mushrooms and Garbanzos on Toast with Cider and Thyme by Rebecca Fallihee
How Do I Love Thee Muhammara? by Kitchen Butterfly


Sweets for morning or night.


Maple Cinnamon Toast by Merrill Stubbs
Tahini Toast by fiveandspice
Persimmon Bruschetta by Aliwaks

Photos by James Ransom, Mark Weinberg, Ryan Dausch, Eric Moran, and fiveandspice (Tahini Toast)

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    Rebecca Firkser
I fall in love with every sandwich I ever meet.


RavensFeast September 12, 2015
Toast with butter and salmon roe!
Hendrica September 12, 2015
7 grain sprouted toast, ricotta, sliced pear, drizzled with honey and sliced almonds. Sublime!
Millie |. July 9, 2015
My favourites are avocado with cilantro and cherry tomatoes, chickpea salad on toast is great too!
Rebecca F. July 7, 2015
!!! This just made my breakfast possibilities infinitely better