10 Foods (and Drinks) the Oldest People in the World Swear By

December 16, 2015

This morning, we read that the oldest woman in the world, Susannah Mushatt Jones, age 116, eats four strips of bacon every morning. This, coupled with a June report that supercentenarian Agnes Fenton, age 110, credits her age to three bottles of Miller Light everyday made us realize that we might consider changing some things up. Maybe we should be eating less kale and quinoa and more whiskey and ice cream.

Here is what to eat and drink for longevity, according to the oldest people in the world:

Four strips of bacon every morning, and Doublemint gum throughout the day — Suannah Mushatt Jones, Age 116

Three bottles of Miller High Life and a shot of Johnnie Walker whiskey everyday — Agnes Fenton, Age 110

One tablespoon of whiskey in morning coffee — Richard Overton, Age 108

Crispy bacon, fried chicken, and ice cream — Gertrude Baines, Age 115

Three raw eggs every morning — Emma Morano, Age 115 (who added that staying single is good for one's health)

Chewing on chocolate — Leandra Becerra Lumbreras, Age 127—the oldest person to ever live (she also swears by never marrying)

What foods will you preach when you're 152? Tell us in the comments below!

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I eat everything.


Patty H. January 24, 2016
Really, Bryce?? lol Figure you are 18 or so and still without a clue. Maybe don't post on places where you have no idea what you are talking about. Grow up, get some life experience and come back. Until then...
Almighty January 15, 2016
Sorry about the last comment. I just realized Bryce is a girl that is confused about her inner self that felt the need to crap on Anisha's nice comment. Sorry Bryonce.
Almighty January 15, 2016
OK Bryce! Why don't you log back in when your 108 you tool bag. Your the guy that spends $5 on 2 organic cucumbers thinking it matters. Smoke another Border Carrot.
bryce January 9, 2016
Lol. The reason these are so unhealthy is probably because these people are tired of being alive and are trying to speed things up. .. :)
Teri N. January 26, 2016
You are an idiot Bryce. Grow up.
Anisha B. December 17, 2015
I love this! A friend's grandpa celebrated his 90th recently and he swears by having a pint of beer every afternoon and two fingers of whiskey every evening.