28 Holiday Breakfasts: Syrup-Covered, Scrambled, Strata-fied

What do you make for holiday breakfasts, when you want to put in more effort than scrambling some eggs and calling it a morning? (There is, of course, no shame in that.)

Perhaps you flip a boatload of pancakes, stack them high, and drown them in maple syrup. Or maybe you prefer a make-ahead strata that you can prep the night before and stick in the oven. Or you might go for something in between, like a chocolatey porridge that you'll stir together leisurely (and that could pass for dessert).

Here are 28 recipes of all shapes, sizes, and effort levels—all of which will have you start the day celebrating:

Pancakes & French Toast (the "just add syrups")

Eggs: Scrambled, fried & otherwise

stratas for all!

On the sweeter side

What's your favorite holiday breakfast? Let us know in the comments!

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Jennifer December 19, 2016
The day before the breakfast, make a tray of yeasted cinnamon rolls (cover with oil/butter and plastic wrap), but don't bake them. On the big morning, heat the oven, pop the rolls in the oven--the scent of cinnamon will perfume the day.