Pudding is the Ultimate Comfort Food (We Have Proof!)

July 25, 2017

While people sing the praises of picturesque pie, cakes, and ice cream sundaes, lonely bowls of pudding jiggle in cafeteria salad bars and church potlucks. No one calls pudding beautiful. No one takes glamorous beauty shots or shares #puddingposts on social media. In a highly scientific Instagram search, "pudding" had only 1.8 million posts, compared to pie's 3.6 million and 13 million #cookies. That's proof that puddings need more love!

But the creamy comfort of pudding was there in your elementary school lunchbox. Satisfying spoonfuls supported you through sore throats and wisdom teeth extractions. Pudding performed as a picnic crowd-pleaser and make-ahead go-to.

JELL-O snack cups and instant mix are great, but we’ve gathered 23 of our best pudding recipes that showcase the versatility, deliciousness, and, I daresay, beauty, of pudding. Enjoy!

Berries & Bright Flavors

For the Chocoholics

Comforting Caramels, Coffee, and Butterscotch

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Katie is a food writer and editor who loves cheesy puns and cheesy cheese.