The Most Popular Thanksgiving Dish in Every State, According to Google

New York's might surprise you. (California's, however, is right on point.)

November 21, 2018
Photo by Bobbi Lin

It's no secret we love Thanksgiving sides around these parts.

And while we could never pick a favorite—we love all of our children equally (but, like, especially if they're covered in cheese)—apparently, the various states in America can, at least that's what Google search results say.

According to MarketWatch, the most popular Thanksgiving side (by unique Google searches) in every state varied from sweet potatoes, to mac and cheese, to seven-layer salad. (Wisconsin, mind if we swing by for those garlic mashed potatoes?)

Behold, your state's most-searched Thanksgiving side dish:

  • Alabama: squash casserole
  • Alaska: green beans
  • Arizona: pumpkin roll
  • Arkansas: sweet potato pie
  • California: stuffing
  • Colorado: pecan pie
  • Connecticut: sausage stuffing
  • Delaware: butternut squash
  • Florida: corn souffle
  • Georgia: squash casserole
  • Hawaii: sweet potato
  • Idaho: sourdough bread
  • Illinois: sweet potato casserole
  • Indiana: roasted sweet potatoes
  • Iowa: corn casserole
  • Kansas: yams
  • Kentucky: broccoli casserole
  • Louisiana: yams
  • Maine: mashed squash
  • Maryland: collard greens
  • Massachusetts: butternut squash
  • Michigan: roasted brussels sprouts
  • Minnesota: Thanksgiving sweet potatoes
  • Mississippi: cornbread dressing
  • Missouri: Thanksgiving rolls
  • Montana: cranberry sauce
  • Nebraska: sweet potatoes
  • Nevada: pecan pie
  • New Hampshire: homemade stuffing
  • New Jersey: butternut squash soup
  • New Mexico: pecan pie
  • New York: acorn squash
  • North Carolina: corn pudding
  • North Dakota: sweet potatoes
  • Ohio: seven-layer salad
  • Oklahoma: cornbread dressing
  • Oregon: ambrosia salad
  • Pennsylvania: candied sweet potatoes
  • Rhode Island: stuffing
  • South Carolina: cornbread dressing
  • South Dakota: ambrosia salad
  • Tennessee: mac and cheese
  • Texas: broccoli rice casserole
  • Utah: yams
  • Vermont: butternut squash
  • Virginia: corn pudding
  • Washington: green beans
  • West Virginia: broccoli salad
  • Wisconsin: garlic mashed potatoes
  • Wyoming: sweet potatoes

What's your favorite Thanksgiving side? And what state do you live in? Let us know in the comments!

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Erica B. November 21, 2018
Broccoli cheese casserole is my fave, and I’m from KY!
Jem R. November 21, 2018
I call bullshit on Ohio. I'm a Ohioan and have never heard of 7-layer salad at Thanksgiving. Maybe Buckeyes are just pulling up 7 layer salad recipes so they're prepared to divert political debates to debates over acceptable 7-layer salad ingredients. "Ingredient X is an essential 7-layer salad ingredient" is a statement that could derail a heated political discussion at either Thanksgiving I'm attending this year.
Brian D. November 21, 2018
Really, Oregon?
GeekKnitter November 21, 2018
I hang my head in shame. I swear it wasn't me. Or my family. Or anyone I've ever met ever in my life.
Mari O. November 22, 2018
Born & bred Oregonian. I've never known anyone that served ambrosia "salad" for Thanksgiving, but I only have 76 years experience.