14 Kitchen Tools That’ll Make You Thanksgiving's All-Star Host

Your ultimate Turkey Day tool kit, right this way.

October 25, 2019
Photo by Rocky Luten

If your family is anything like mine, Thanksgiving day is spent almost entirely in the kitchen. From the moment the bird goes in the oven (when the morning’s first pot of coffee is on), it’s the site of chopping and sautéing and mixing and pulling out dog-eared family recipe books. It’s where my sister and I bake way too many pies for dessert, and the place where guests gather for cocktails before the meal. All that time spent in the kitchen calls for some no-fail tools, brilliant tricks, and some special serveware, too. This is the most anticipated meal of the year, after all. (No pressure.)

But don’t worry. Here at Food52, we’ve rounded up the best of the best kitchenware to help your holiday go off without a hitch, from the ultimate potato masher to a thermometer that’ll guarantee the juiciest bird ever. Whether you’re hosting for the first time or the twentieth, consult this checklist for everything you’ll need for the most beautiful, effortless Thanksgiving ever.

For all kinds of chopping

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro Chef’s Knife, $99

Behold, the pro knife you’ll want to get your hands on this Thanksgiving: This ergonomic, Italian-designed, German-made version chops everything from vegetables to meat to herbs with ease.

Food52 Five Two Bamboo Cutting Board, $59

Our own Five Two cutting board is tricked out with clever features that’ll make every stage of dinner prep a breeze, including a juice groove and tiny pour spout for making stocks and gravies, plenty of surface area, and an antimicrobial bamboo material.

For super fluffy potatoes

Frieling Gravy Separator, $50

How to make silky-smooth, flavorful gravy that’s not too heavy? With this smart little tool. The heat-resistant glass container makes it easy to pour off excess fat, then pour the good stuff right into your gravy boat.

Mepra Italian Aladino Gravy Boat, from $138

Add some glamour to the holiday table with this luxe, Italian-made gravy boat. For max festivity, might we recommend the brushed gold finish?

For the bird

Zwilling Stainless Steel Roasting Pan, $149

This sturdy roasting pan has a nonstick coating on the interior (and on the removable rack, too) for a perfectly cooked Thanksgiving turkey that’s easy to get out.

Gefu Digital Radio Roast Thermometer, $65

If you’re in charge of dinner this year, you’ll likely be juggling a dozen dishes (and timers) at once. Take checking the turkey off your list with this smart digital thermometer, which sends real-time temperature updates to the screen and will ping when your pre-set temp is reached.

For serving and carving

Looks Like White Handmade Crinkle Edge Platter, from $105

The pièce de résistance deserves an equally grand presentation. Serve the turkey on a simple, organic-edge platter like this one, made in Montreal. (P.S. The platter is dishwasher safe—one less thing for you to wash when the night is over.)

Laguiole en Aubrac Juniper Carving Set, $310

Arm yourself with this set from master French knifemaker Laguiole, and you’ll make turkey-carving look easy. The super-sharp knife and fork will slice the meat to perfection (and they come in a handsome box, too).

For picture-perfect pies

JK Adams Lovely Baking Rolling Pin Set, from $24

At last, a rolling pin with a wax finish so the dough won’t stick. It’ll roll out even, no-crumble pie crusts, every time.

JK Adams Baking Board with Rolling Pin Holder, $85

This baking board will make you feel like a pro pastry chef: It’s equipped with handy circles for rolling out perfect-size pie crusts—plus a lip to keep your rolling pin from going anywhere.

Paderno French Ceramic Pie Weights, $56

For a next-level apple (or pecan, or pumpkin) pie, bake the crust with these trusty ceramic pie weights before adding the filling. They’ll keep the bottom of the pie flaky and crisp.

Handy tools to have all day

Food52 Five Two Wooden Spoons, from $25

With extra-long handles for reaching across stovetops and scraping edges that get every last drop of homemade cranberry sauce out of the pan, these wooden spoons are indispensable for each step of Thanksgiving dinner prep.

Food52 Five Two Silicone Oven Mitts & Pot Holders, from $30

You know how oven mitts have a tendency to go missing, just when the sweet potatoes need to come out of the oven? These have a magnet sewn in, so you can stick them to the fridge and know just where to find them.

Food52 Five Two Ultimate Apron, $45

Our favorite part of this smart little apron: an extra-wide bib and generous coverage on the sides and back, so your best Thanksgiving sweater will be protected from stains all day long.

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