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7 Ways to Make Your Home Cozier Than a Cable-Knit Sweater This Thanksgiving

Turkey Day's never looked so warm and inviting.

November 16, 2018
Photo by Bobbi Lin

The tea's a-brewing and the fireplace's a-crackling. We're getting Cozy at Home with warm-and-cuddly ideas for cooking, decorating, and more—so grab your fuzzy slippers and join us.

In less than a week, you'll be well on your way to giving thanks with loved ones. If you're one of the lucky soldiers who'll be hosting this year's Thanksgiving feast (bless you), you're probably already deep in planning mode mapping out your grocery list, taking stock of dinnerware, pulling out the extra air mattresses, and getting ready to clean every corner of your home.

It can all be a little overwhelming, we know! If it gets a little zany, step back and remember that the most important part of the weekend is just getting together under one roof and making everyone feel welcome. (Eating as much of Aunt Edna's pumpkin pie as your stretchy pants will allow is truly just a bonus.)

Below, our favorite, easy ways to make our homes look and feel as inviting as a warm cable knit-embrace.

Amp Up Your Curb Appeal

Let your guests know they've come to the most festive home on the block. Be sure to give your porch a good sweep, air out those welcome mats, line up the entryway with some gourds or lights, and/or hang a cheerful wreath on the door.

Make Scents

Once everyone's inside, they'll inevitably be greeted by all of the wonderful holiday cooking smells. In addition to all the warming spices and heady savory aromas, throw some clove-spiked citrus in a bowl for the coffee table or, separately, get a big simmer pot going (see how, below).

Find Your Light

The days are definitely getting shorter, which has us reaching for all of the candles. For the dining table, load up on shorter candles and votives—we'd recommend staying away from anything scented, as well as candles that are too tall (awkward for conversations!). And consider our favorite on-demand ambience for high-traffic areas where kids and pets are likely to roam.

Grab a Spirited Drink

If you're stocking a bar cart, don't forget a killer non-alcoholic mixer. You can also add metallic accents, in the form of hammered copper shakers and vintage glassware, to signify the start of the holiday season.

Gather 'Round the Festive Table

The big dining table is the centerpiece of any Thanksgiving Day. Make it as welcoming as the delicious spread to come: Mix and match your favorite dinnerware; skip ironing the linens for a more casual look; throw in some quirky, natural table settings (like pine cones or clementines atop plates, or woody herbs to tie up those perfectly rumpled napkins). Gather all the mini gourds you can, and line them up and down the table for a fun little parade.

Make an Easy-as-Pie Dessert Station

While everyone takes a little snooze break from the big main meal, you can get the next course ready, setting up a more laid-back spread for all the pies and treats that await. Warm up your coffee jugs and teapots, get your mismatched tea sets and wabi-sabi mugs, and layer up your sweets on a few cake pedestals.

Kick Back & Relaaax...

You deserve it! Go ahead, get that fire roaring. Make sure your living room and any outdoor lounge areas have plenty of cushy pillows and cozy throws for added warmth. Another catnap while the game runs in the background, anyone?

If you’re looking for more ways to spend time with loved ones over the holidays, head over to our Magical Mini Guide for Cozy Weekends.

What are your favorite ways to ready your home for guests? Let us know below!


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