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Our 51 Best Super Bowl Dip Recipes Because It's Almost Game Day

We're talking guac, queso, French onion, and more.

January  6, 2022
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Aside from the commercials (which are already being teased online, by the way), my favorite thing about the Super Bowl is the food. I would be excited about the game itself if my team, the Miami Dolphins, was competing for the championship title, but there's realistically zero chance of that happening anytime soon.

So instead of looking forward to cheering on the aqua and orange, I dream about the spread—of chili, bacon burgers, crispy Buffalo wings, and alllll my favorite dips.

From guacamole to cheesy spinach-artichoke dip, a solid lineup of dips is (in my humble opinion) essential to the success of any Super Bowl watch party. Because let's be honest, as long as the chips and dip are on point, everybody wins.

Our Best Super Bowl Dips

1. Spinach, Feta & Artichoke Dip

A spinach and artichoke dip is essential to any Super Bowl party's success, which is why this bright and creamy version gets the number-one spot on this list.

2. Caramelized Onion Dip

This sweet-meets-salty caramelized onion dip has been described as "criminally delicious," so it's no surprise that it was a finalist for 2011's "Your Best Dip" recipe contest.

3. Roasted Red Pepper & Cauliflower Dip

Garnishing this creamy, vegetable-packed dip (that just so happens to be Whole30-friendly) is half the fun of making it—go wild with toppings, from chives and toasted pepitas to cilantro and fried garlic chips.

4. Easiest, Cheesiest Skillet Dip

Our favorite thing about this easy, cheesy skillet dip—aside from its easiness and cheesiness: It's totally customizable, meaning you can swap in whatever alliums, mushrooms, or cheeses you have on hand.

5. My Favorite Black Bean Dip

It won't take long for this Costa Rican black bean dip to become your favorite—and by long we mean, the amount of time it takes to make and taste it (which is mere minutes).

6. Nori Sour Cream Dip

Does it get any easier than dumping all the ingredients in a food processor, blitzing them up, and pouring the whole thing in a serving bowl? (As is the case with this umami-rich nori dip.) No it does not.

7. Fava (Greek Yellow Split Pea Dip)

Contrary to what the recipe title may imply, there are actually no fava beans in this classic Greek dip—rather, it's made of yellow split peas, red onion, and garlic.

8. Baked Olive, Tomato & Feta Dip

Can you tell I'm a fan of cheesy baked dips? In case not, here's another bit of proof: this melty-tangy baked olive, tomato, and feta dip.

9. Crudités with Feta Pistachio Dip

Match this nutty, thick feta pistachio dip with just about anything—it's good with raw vegetables, thick pita chips, and toasty bread slices.

10. White Bean Dip with Fresh Herbs

This light, fresh white bean dip is a vegan-friendly option that ensures everyone at your game day party has something flavorful to snack on.

11. The Chunkiest, Herbiest, Greenest Guacamole

This list wouldn't be complete without at least one guacamole recipe, and this chunky-herby-very-green version from Senior Editor Eric Kim is one of our favorites.

12. Eggplant Dip with Yogurt (Borani-e Bademjan)

It will probably shock you just how few ingredients you need to pull off this smooth Persian eggplant dip brimming with flavor.

13. Creamy, Zesty "Cheese" Dip

Say hello to your new favorite cheese sauce that doesn't have any cheese at all, but soaked cashes, smoky spices, and nutritional yeast (which yes, means it's totally vegan).

14. Crispy Garlic Dip

This Big Little dip recipe from Emma Laperruque has a small-but-mighty ingredients list that packs a major punch: All you'll need is Greek yogurt, garlic, canola oil, salt, and pepper.

15. Arranque Roteño (Thick Tomato Dip)

Kind of like gazpacho, only thicker, this Andalusian tomato dip consists of just tomatoes, garlic, Italian green peppers, salt, and bread crumbs.

16. Lemony White Bean & Tomato Dip

This lemon white bean dip drizzled in tomato jam is very make-ahead friendly, leaving more time for you to sit back and revel in all the pre–Super Bowl hype.

17. Hard Squash Hummus

Calling for two pounds of squash, this recipe is guaranteed to feed your Super Bowl watch party crowd; if there happen to be leftovers (though I doubt there'll be any left), it also freezes well.

18. Ricotta Spoonable

If you've ever dreamt of eating ricotta by the spoonful (who hasn't?), there's no doubt in my mind you should whip up a batch (or two) of this herbed spoonable ricotta.

19. Great-Great Grandma Anna's Romanian Eggplant Spread (Potlagel)

If you're looking for a new spin on eggplant, look no further—this zingy eggplant dip from Romania is just what you've been seeking.

20. Muhammara (Roasted Red Pepper & Walnut Dip)

In addition to serving this as a dip, you might want to consider spreading this hot pepper dip on your game-day sandwiches or wraps.

21. Spicy, Smoky Vegan "Chorizo" Dip

This vegan-friendly dip achieves all the smoke and spice that real chorizo has, without any of the chorizo; it's impossible to put down.

22. Roasted Fennel & White Bean Dip

Remember the contest finalist for "Your Best Dip" recipe we mentioned earlier? Well, this fragrant dip was the winner, and it's got the goods (aka pillowy texture, layers of flavor, and a crispy topping) to back it up.

23. New-School French Onion Dip

Skip the store-bought French onion dip and whip up a batch of this new-school version, which makes excellent use of red onions slowly cooked until jammy with thyme, olive oil, a little sugar, and white wine.

24. Avocado Crème Fraîche Dip with Cilantro Pesto

If you're looking to impress, make this smooth and tangy avocado crème fraîche dip; think of it as guacamole's fancy-schmancy cousin.

25. Vegan Buffalo Chicken Dip

Artichoke hearts step in for shredded chicken in this vegan Buffalo dip that's just as satisfying as the non-vegan version.

26. Curried Lentil Dip

This curried lentil dip is full of delicious surprises. "Just spicy enough from the herbs, and just creamy enough from the coconut milk," says community member safenervine.

27. Yoghurt & Spinach Dip ("Borani Esfanaaj," in the Persian Manner)

Lavash and crisped-up pita make especially lovely complements to this cold yogurt dip from Iran, but most any crispy cracker or crostini will do.

28. Extra-Cheesy Spinach-Artichoke Dip

One spinach and artichoke dip simply isn't enough in my book, so here's this extra-cheesy version from Laperruque.

29. La Nonna’s Sweet & Sour Eggplant Dip

When it comes to this Italian nonna-approved eggplant dip, simplicity rules the day.

30. Grilled Green Onion Dip

If you really like garlic, this green onion dip was made for you (and me).

31. Kickass Dip

Simply put, this curried dip made with a base of cannellini beans and yogurt is "kickass."

32. Austin Diner–Style Queso

It would be a grave oversight not to include a queso in this roundup, so here is one of my favorites: Austin diner–style queso dip served with a heaping spoonful of guacamole and pico de gallo right in the center.

33. Bright Red Beet Hummus

Our community can't seem to get enough of this very vibrant beet hummus; words like "wonderful," "fabulous," and "beautiful" have all been used to describe it.

34. Nacho Cheese Sauce

Since you won't have a chance to stock up on concession-stand nachos at the game, make your own homemade version (psst: it tastes way better than the one you'd spend $13 on).

35. Roasted Salsa Verde

This roasted salsa verde cleverly blends in two whole avocados, essentially rendering it a salsa-guac. Genius.

36. Laurie Colwin's Creamed Spinach

Spinach dip again, for the win.

37. Spicy, No-Cook Beer Cheese

Since it's possible that you'll have some beers already stocked in the fridge, why not use one to make this fiery beer cheese?

38. Grilled Avocado "Guacamole" with Parmesan & Basil

Grilling your avocados before mashing them in guacamole adds a smoky, complex flavor that somehow makes an already perfect dish even perfecter.

39. Basic, Bang Up Blue Cheese Dressing

I can envision myself using this thick-and-tangy blue cheese dressing a multitude of ways: using it as a dip for fries, veg, and the like; smothering it over chicken wings; and drinking it straight from the bowl.

40. Miso Hummus

Sweet white miso adds an earthy, umami layer to this hummus that you absolutely won't want to stop eating.

41. Parker & Otis' Pimento Cheese Dip

Ready the Ritz crackers; this peppery pimento cheese dip is waiting.

42. Last-Minute Yogurt Dip

The perfect recipe for when you realize, just minutes before kickoff, that you were in charge of appetizers. Save game day with this sizzling dip that uses entirely pantry staples.

43. Ranch Fun Dip

Super Bowl food is typically equated with meat-heavy fare that is far from vegetarian-friendly. Thanks to Sohla El-Waylly, there’s now a totally new vegan dip that is sure to captivate the crowd.

44. Festive Golden Beet Dip

The beauty of this dip is that it’s meant to be taken on the go. Make it at home and then garnish with roasted pistachios and pomegranates just as the players are walking onto the field.

45. Labneh With Sizzled Tomatoes

Inspired by the moment we all hope for and dread in equal measure—when guests show up unexpectedly just to “hang out”—this zippy dip is so flavorful and creative that no one will even think of you sweating behind the scenes.

46. Warm Blue Cheese Dip

Instead of just serving blue cheese alongside buffalo wings, introduce it in the form of this warm, funky dip. Yes, it’s a controversial flavor but those who like it will love this starter.

47. Dried Porcini Onion Dip

Think of this Super Bowl dip as a basic French Onion dip but with dried, finely ground mushrooms instead of caramelized onions.

48. Burnt Eggplant & Tomato Tahini From Ottolenghi Test Kitchen

This dip is a twofer in that it clears out your fridge of leftovers and it’s served warm, which is exactly what the crowd craves on the first weekend of February.

49. Salsa Guille

There’s no such thing as too much salsa on Super Bowl Sunday. “This savory salsa is the perfect addition to sizzling mushrooms, quesadillas, or nachos. You can dip bread or chips into it, and it’s exceptional with whatever meaty dishes your heart desires,” writes recipe developer Andrea Aliseda.

50. Smoky Eggplant Dip With Kefir & Buttered Walnuts

The most time consuming part of this dip is roasting the eggplants, so try to do it in advance. It’s a stellar base for tangy kefir topped with spiced brown butter and crunchy walnuts. Serve this Super Bowl dip with pita or crackers or as part of a mezze platter the size of a football field.

51. Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi's Basic Hummus

Every Super Bowl party needs hummus and this one is as good as it gets.

What Super Bowl dips are you planning to make this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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