Vegans Rejoice! We Have 18 Passover Recipes for You.

P.S. They're also gluten-free (except for the matzo balls).

February 25, 2022
Photo by Julia Gartland

During Passover, certain plant-based foods are already verboten, which makes finding vegan Passover recipes tricky. During the holiday, most Jewish households avoid chametz, or grains that have come in contact with water for longer than 18 minutes. Depending on which ethnocultural group and branch of Judaism one belongs to, there may be other avoided foods during Passover, from rice to sunflower seeds to lentils. (For some, it also means avoiding anything packaged that isn’t explicitly labeled “kosher for Passover,” even if it does fall within the dietary requirements.) This can make nourishing oneself a bit challenging for vegans who thrive on plant-based staples like grains and legumes. When it comes to vegan chocolate.

These 18 vegan Passover recipes are free of chametz, and should be welcome at any seder (or for any meals throughout the week). However, some do include kitniyot (non-chametz grains and legumes that many Ashenaski Jewish households historically avoid). In recent years, the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, which represents the interest of Conservative Jews, decided that kitniyot are kosher for Passover. If that’s not your style, skip them. You also may see a few packaged baking items, like 1:1 gluten-free flour and baking powder, that may not be specifically certified kosher for Passover. So we'll recommend that you check with your guests to see which specific and additional dietary requirements they follow during the holiday before diving in.

For Your Seder (Plus Other Dinners & Lunches)

1. Vegan Matzo Ball Soup

Eggless matzo balls are totally possible! These are made with chickpea flour and aquafaba, and float in a rich, golden, you-won’t-believe-it’s-chicken-free vegetable broth.

2. Creamy, Vegan Italian Root Vegetable Soup

If you’re skipping matzo balls and chicken broth but still craving soup, try this creamy potato, celery root, and turnip number.

3. Roasted Endive With Walnut Vinaigrette

Endive is often one of the bitter herbs present on the Passover seder plate, but it makes a delightfully crunchy salad as part of the festive meal.

4. Grilled Chicory Salad With Chile-Fennel Dressing

Chicories also check the “bitter herbs” box on the seder plate—in this recipe, jazz them up with this spicy and fragrant fennel seed dressing.

5. One-Pot Kale & Quinoa Pilaf

If you skip the cheese, this kale and quinoa pilaf is a filling and flavorful one-pot meal that just may become a new weeknight go-to, even after Passover's over.

6. Quinoa Salad With Hazelnuts, Apple, & Dried Cranberries

This sweet and crunchy quinoa salad can start as a side on your seder table, but it’s never a bad idea to make extras (lunch tomorrow!).

7. Tzimmes

While “tzimmes” translates from Yiddish as “a big fuss,” the dish is pretty simple: carrots and sweet potatoes stewed with dried fruit and warming spices. (Swap the butter in this recipe for olive oil or vegan butter.)

8. Ziggy’s Charoset

Charoset is another traditional food on the seder plate. In Ashkenazi Jewish households, it’s a mixture of apples and nuts.

9. Safta Rachel's Iraqi Charoset

This Iraqi-style charoset is a super-simple mixture of date syrup and chopped pecans. It’s especially tasty slathered over a salted matzo.

10. Garlicky Sautéed Asparagus With Toasted Sesame

Welcome spring with this super-simple sautéed asparagus recipe (I’d recommend making a double batch, these tend to disappear in my house).

11. French Lentil & Arugula Salad With Cashew Cheese

This simple and springy lentil salad is topped with cashew cheese—it’s a bright side (or even main) dish.

For Dessert (or Breakfast)

12. Farmacy Kitchen’s Raw Chocolate Tart

This medjool date- and nut-heavy tart is a totally raw treat that would please any chocolate fan at the end of the passover meal.

13. Raw Avocado Chocolate Tart

If you’re not already wise to the brilliance that is avocado-based chocolate mousse, please make this tart. Even simpler, skip the crust and spoon the filling into cups and top with toasted chopped nuts.

14. Fudgy Vegan Banana Brownie Cake

This cake can’t decide if it’s a brownie or banana bread, but it is just as welcome after the seder for dessert as it is the following morning for breakfast.

15. Gluten-Free Banana Flapjacks

Much as I love a sheet of salted matzo slathered with almond butter, a stack of these pancakes is a bit more filling for breakfast.

16. Apricot, Date & Cashew Snack Balls

Pop a few of these dried fruit and nut balls into your bag for any hanger-induced emergencies.

17. Vegan Banana Cashew Yogurt

Here, blend creamy cashews with sweet banana into a totally dairy-free meal that looks just like yogurt.

18. Olive Oil & Brown Sugar Granola, Minus the Grains

Who says you can’t have granola without grains? This recipe leans into nuts and seeds, for a super-crunchy and totally satisfying sweet snack.

What's your go-to vegan Passover recipe? Let us know in the comments.

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