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15 Freezer-Friendly Mains

January  7, 2015

Maybe you're already a freezer fanatic, a make-ahead maven: You have bones ready for making broth and our guide to freezer-friendly foods bookmarked and/or memorized. Maybe you even partake in OAMC (once-a-month cooking) -- if you do, tell us about it in the comments! Maybe you're just a really busy person who often comes home starving and doesn't find much in the fridge. Sound familiar? Well, your freezer can help you out -- and we're not talking about that secret stash of frozen Thin Mints.

Make a big batch of one, or more, of these 15 mains and bask in your stellar planning skills later:

Braised Chicken Thighs with Tomato and Garlic by Merrill Stubbs

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Turkey Pot Pie for Another Day by Jennifer Ann


Strata with Sausage and Greens by Merrill Stubbs


Extra Tender Meatballs by Merrill Stubbs


Green Chile, Chicken, Posole Soup by dymnyno


Batsaria (Phyllo-less Spanakopita) by cookbookchick


Short Rib Chili by lastnightsdinner


Wintry Mushroom, Kale, and Quinoa Enchiladas by Gena Hamshaw


Spiced Lamb Pie by Phyllis Grant


Ultimate Chicken Tikka Masala by kevin.townsley


Martha Stewart's Macaroni and Cheese by Genius Recipes


Beef Bourguignon by TasteFood


Mushi-Gyoza (Steamed Gyoza) by ourlastsupper


Rosemary Turkey Meatloaf by sporkme


Tuna Noodle Casserole - Redux by fiveandspice

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