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What's Going Fast at our New York City Holiday Market

December  8, 2015

Clearly, we’re stoked about our pop-up Holiday Market—and not just because it’s a really tempting way to bulk up our personal wish lists.

It’s the one time of year you can shop our designs in person—we chose some favorites from the Shop to stock the shelves of the pop-up—so we’ve been delighted and surprised to see what you love the most (every other day of th year, it’s basically the new butter keeper—over, and over, and over).

Here’s what you’re loving at the holiday pop-up! (Come by to see them in person or Shop here if you're not near New York City.)

Cocktail Essentials

It must be holiday party season.

  • Our soapstone and marble whiskey stones—which are pretty dang cute just sitting out on a shelf or your desk—keep your drinks cold without watering them down.

  • The Carry-On Cocktail Kit (complete with bitters, sugar, and a little spoon) makes it possible to have a classy drink at 30,000 feet.

Flavor Bombs

Not that this comes as any kind of surprise.

It probably helps that we're offering samples here and there—yes, that was a humble-but-hard sell—but it's no surprise that you're loving Mike's Hot Honey (that's honey with a zing!) and this Everything Bagel olive oil (complete with all the right spices). Both are instant ways to upgrade all kinds of appetizers and recipes.

  • Hand-harvested from around the world, the salts in this stackable salt tower include: Bali Sea Salt, Australian Murray River Pink Salt Flakes, Maine Cherry Smoked Salt, Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt, Himalayan Fine Grain, and Black Cyprus Sea Salt Flakes.

  • Pocket-sized to go with you anywhere (and slip right to the bottom of a stocking), this mini-tin of Jacobsen Sea Salt makes it possible to perk up a meal no matter where it's served.


Gifting and acquiring cookbooks is one of our favorite pastimes, and we're beyond thrilled that you think so too.

Genius Recipes, signed by Kristen Miglore, and Vegan, signed by author Gena Hamshaw are both proving huge hits—hooray!

If you're looking for a combo present that includes something practical and something whimsical, pair Baking, the sister volume to Vegan, with a few mini pie plates with hidden messages.

Pretty, Clever Things

The best designs work hard and look oh-so nice doing it.

  • I'm a pretty big fan of this magnetic bottle opener (see it written all over my face, here) which captures all your beer caps in weird, wonderful growth on the wall.

  • Everyone in our company owns Bees Wrap, which molds to the shape of any object or itself with the warmth from your hands. We use it to top bowls that don't have lids and for keeping breads and sandwiches fresh for longer.

  • In this world of blinking multi-colored holiday decorations, it can be challenging to find a good twinkle light, but our copper-wire LED version is hard to beat for straight-up class.

  • For a different kind of glimmer, these pinch bowls in scarlet and gold are the perfect gift: Keep them by the sink or on a dresser to hold jewelry, or fill with salt for a tabletop helper.

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