25 Gifts for The Cook Who (You Think!) Has Everything

We know the type: The friend who has every pan imaginable—organized in order from largest to smallest—and silicone spatulas that are color-coded by use.

We're here to back up. Here is our most unique selection of kitchen goodsso you can get something new for the cook in your life who (you think) has everything: 

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1. Marble Board


These marble boards stay about 7º F below room temperature, which means they're useful for countless kitchen tasks like rolling out dough and setting out cheeses.

2. "Cast Iron" Fry Pan Necklace


Hung from a sterling silver chain, this is just the necklace to honor your trustiest kitchen workhorse.

3. Reclaimed Knife Grabber


One of the best ways to make a kitchen feel larger? Keep the counter space as free as possible.

4. Perfect Wooden Cooking and Jar Spoon


The unique right-angle edge of this spoon fits into the corners of pots to help scrape up those beloved browned bits.

5. Hedley & Bennett Selvage Chambray Apron


This chambray is ultra-durable but soft, and will wear in just like your favorite pair of jeans.

6. Walnut Kitchen Utensil Holder


Hold whisks, mixing spoons, and kitchen gadgets all their right place—and do it in style.

7. Round Nesting Ramekins


Beautiful, stackable tableware for the person in your life who likes everything to fit just so. 

8. Dualit Toaster


A toaster that does all the heavy lifting. 

9. Glass Juicer


A bigger, better, prettier juicer. 

10. Baking Steel


One-up the pizza stone your friends already have. 

11. Double Oven Mitts


Not only does this oven mitt conveniently hang on the oven door, but it protects hands, arms, and cookies.

12. Wall-Mounted Onion & Garlic Baskets


This handmade wall-mounted basket rescues bulb vegetables from dark pantry corners and puts them on display, without cluttering the counter.

13. Baker's Dozen Wooden Spoons


Gift wooden spoons that are charming enough to leave out on the counter. 

14. French Bread Board


The unique shape of this board means people can sneak in and snack from all sides of the appetizer table—win, win.

15. Range Smart iPhone/iPad Thermometer


Sure, the chef in your life is great at making roasts. But does he or she have the latest technology? 

16. Cheese Storage Paper & Bags


Cheese fanatics, rejoice! This two-ply paper allows cheese to breathe while maintaining optimal humidity—this means the flavor lasts much longer.

17. Japanese Mortar and Pestle


The mortar's interior makes the job an easier one, and the wooden pestle is gentler than most.

18. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cubby


This spice cubby should be kept at an arm's distance for easy access to sugars, baking soda, coffee, or herbs. 

19. Extra Large Grill Spatula


The cook who has everything definitely doesn't have this. Get them a spatula they'll remember—and really use.

20. Stainless Steel Soda Siphon


Give this to the frequent host amongst your friends, for bubbly water whenever the time calls. 

21. Soapstone Burger Grill Press


It may be December, but that doesn't mean a burger pressed to perfection is off our minds. Gift this tool too the grill expert who bundles up in the cold and grills all winter long.

22. Porcelain Spice Funnel


This spice funnel is the tool we never knew we needed—until we used it once. 

23. Dough Scraper with Brass and Walnut Handle


The nicest (and last) dough scraper you'll ever own.

24. Double Sided Copper Grater


We'll refrain from puns here. Just get the grater—it'll be the best stocking stuffer you've given in years.

25. Walnut Pizza Peel


This handcrafted black walnut pizza peel inspires us to make homemade pizza every night. Gift it to someone who will actually make homemade pizza every night. 

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1 Comment

Ron M. December 9, 2015
Fun list! I have a baking steel, and I LOVE it. It really upped the quality of my pizzas.

One correction, however. Without a heating or cooling source, a marble board that is left out will be at exactly room temperature. It may feel cooler because it has such a high thermal mass. That being said, the high thermal mass means that if you put it in the fridge or freezer for a few hours, it will stay cold for a long time.