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The Food52 2015 Highlight Reel

December 29, 2015

The end of the holiday season marks the time we love to start looking forward—once the trees are down and the tinsel (grey and on-brand only, please) is put away, we start looking into our future: What will we resolve to do differently in the kitchen this year? What will we finally learn how to cook? Will 2016 be the year we remember by throwing caution to the wind and painting our living room “Rose Quartz”? Or maybe paint over last year’s resolution of the same nature?

Photo by James Ransom

But before we sprint into 2016, we want to remember everything that made this past year what it was—the 2015 landmarks that we banded together to make happen, and that we couldn’t have achieved without your help.

Here’s our 2015 highlight reel—and we hope you’ll share yours in the comments:

  • We started the new year with new digs—bigger desks (our snacks deserved more real estate), more kitchen space, and a studio finally worthy of our talented visual team.
  • We came, we Piglet-ed, we conquered. This year's Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks was better than ever. (And the competition got hotter than ever, too.)
  • We put three books out into the world via a new imprint with Ten Speed Press, Food52 Works: Kristen Miglore's looker (and NYT bestseller!!) Genius Recipes, and our first two series books, Baking and Vegan.
  • We extended the Food52 family—because we think sitting around bigger tables is more fun.
  • We also think sitting around tables for lunch—in the middle of the work day—is more fun, so we took Not Sad Desk Lunch on the road to spread that gospel.
  • We heard wedding bells, sort of. (And created a new, spiffy way to make all of our wish list dreams come true.)
  • We put on our formal gowns for awards season. (There wasn't a red carpet, but there was cake. Better?)
  • And we put on our studio headphones, to start our podcast Burnt Toast.
  • Our tables got a little prettier by way of two exclusive dinnerware lines (see below!). And we hope yours did, too.
  • We spent a day hanging out with the people who help make our Shop go 'round at our Makers Conference.
  • We went more bananas on Thanksgiving than we ever have. We shot many, many feasts, imagined what it would be like to eat at a table alongside James Beard and Julia Child, and realized that you are, in fact, ready for this jelly when we published our first ever Jello salad.
  • And because we couldn't let November have all the fun, we also went more bananas in December than we ever have: There was our largest pop-up ever. There was a Cookie Truck that gave out 28,000 free cookies (!). There were 46 cookies from around the world. And a cookie face-off. And now, we sleep. See you in 2016.
  • We're just going to leave this here before we go.

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    Janice Wacha
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    anne reiswerg
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Kenzi Wilbur

Written by: Kenzi Wilbur

I have a thing for most foods topped with a fried egg, a strange disdain for overly soupy tomato sauce, and I can never make it home without ripping off the end of a newly-bought baguette. I like spoons very much.


Janice W. December 29, 2015
I've looked at Food52 for a few years, but It was the amazing Alice Medrich who got me to become a member. I was assisting her in a demonstration baking class on flavor flours this year and she highly recommended joining Food52. As a culinary professional I am always looking for inspiration and new recipes, especially for my work as a personal chef. Food 52 is always inspiring and the shop is excellent and well curated. Thank you Food52!
Joan December 29, 2015
I would love to work where you do!!
Do what you love and love what you do!
anne R. December 29, 2015
I found this site by accident and i love it!
NotTooSweet December 29, 2015
I discovered Food52 about 1 1/2 years ago and since then my kitchen has become my favorite place to spend time. I love everything about this site, the great community of chefs sharing their "secrets", the incredible photos that make me want to reach into my computer and taste, and most of all - the love of food and cooking that prevails in the comments sections of recipes. The cooking highlight of my year? That's easy - every time I try a new recipe from Food52!