22 Lush Salads of All Sorts to Make Now (and All Summer Long)

June 17, 2016

You know what says summer to us? Ice cream (duh). Fried chicken. Peaches so drippy you have to eat them over the sink. Reaching for basil every opportunity we get. But mostly, with so much lushness at the markets (buttery, enormous heads of greens; melons; tomatoes so perfect they practically come with their own halos), it might be salads of all sorts we look forward to most, from June through September.

Here are 22 summery salads to make as soon as their stars come into season—and then to eat at the office, in the grass, on the beach... Think of it as your summer to-do list:

What salads do you devour in the summer? Tell us in the comments!!

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ChefJune June 27, 2016
These are goodies, to be sure - but here are a few you've overlooked...