17 Recipes to Make When You're Simply Drowning in Cucumbers

September  9, 2016

All year, we wait for the summer bounty—the outpouring of tomatoes and zucchini and peaches and cucumbers. And then, of course, it happens all at once. Our gardens fill up. We line our windowsills with tomatoes. We play a seasonal variant of ding-dong-ditch, leaving baskets of cucumbers on the stoops of neighbors and running off before they can catch us.

And the cucumbers! When it rains it pours. Between batches of pickle salad, make these 17 cuke-using recipes:

And if you just need something to dip spears in...

The bumper crop rolls in. What do you do with it all? Share your ideas in the comments.

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Sophie H. September 10, 2016
Cucumber Sorbet!