A Fresh & Floral Big-Batch Cocktail Fit for a Crowd

September  5, 2017

We're here to help you throw your most inspired parties yet. We partnered with Pure Leaf Tea House Collection to bring you ideas so that you can entertain more thoughtfully.

It’s hard to believe the last breaths of summer are upon us. And while we're staring September in the face, we're all about fitting in every last opportunity for outdoor eating and entertaining—meals enjoyed outside, casual affairs that encourage lingering conversations well into those perfect, late summer dusky evenings.

Floral, fruity, iced tea-y—and a little bubbly to boot. What's not to love? Photo by Bobbi Lin

And while we’re more than happy playing host during these soirees, we also don’t mind incorporating any shortcuts to help us spend more time with our guests. We love a good cocktail, but mixing individual drinks can quickly become a time-consuming affair. Having a back-pocket list of great, big-batch cocktail recipes can help guarantee you won't be playing bartender all night long.

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We dreamed up this refreshing punch just recently, which pairs herbaceous gin with a couple of fragrant apertif wines and iced tea to create a citrus-forward, yet floral base. The tea is an essential middle note for a punch—it provides structure, a spine if you will, to a drink where you can get all booze, or all citrus, or all sweet if imbalanced. All you have to do is pour it in a pitcher or punch bowl over ice, top with as much bubbly as you want, give it a good stir, and let guests help themselves. Kick back and prepare to have guests ask you for the recipe.

And really, the longer list of big-batch cocktails you have, the better—here are 8 more for when you're needing some inspiration:

We partnered with Pure Leaf Tea House Collection to bring you ideas for throwing your most inspired parties yet. Try your hand at this sparkling cocktail, and while you're at it, snag Pure Leaf Tea House Collection Sicilian Lemon & Honeysuckle Flavor Iced Tea here.

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