21 Reasons We're Not Mad It's Still Melon Season

September 11, 2017

Yes: Sweet, juicy honeydews and cantaloupes are summertime staples. And, yes, peak melon season has come and gone. But, as you’ve probably seen at your local market, farmers pick the orange and green fruits until at least October. (Plus, let’s be real, you can get your hands on less-than-perfect melons all year round.)

Let me tell you my go-to honeydew or cantaloupe meal: sliced and in a bowl. Maybe topped with some greek yogurt. I like it plain, but I'll admit it can get a bit boring. But time is on my side during melon season; I can still change up my game!

It turns out there are tons of ways to transform this fresh fruit into satisfying dinners, drinks, or desserts. There's no reason to stick to my drab—or, I daresay, melon-choly—routine. Join me in embracing the tail-end of melon season with these 21 soups, salads, and snacks. It will be out-of-season before we know it.





Tell us below: how do you use your melon?

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Adithi September 12, 2017
looking delicious yummy.. i will try surely...
BerryBaby September 11, 2017
I do mostly with sliced Honeydew and Cantaloupe, fresh black pepper and drizzle with honey! (I also do this with sliced apples, delicious)