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Our Food52 Edit & Kitchen Teams' Favorite Holiday Gift Picks

November 30, 2017

What do you get when you ask a food-loving bunch for their holiday gift picks? A smattering of wish list items, trusted MVP tools, and never-knew-I-needed-these-in-my-life treats. Our editorial and cooking teams, who spend a healthy amount of time in and around the kitchen (both in the office and at home) share their favorite Food52 Shop treasures to give and receive. Read on and be prepared to add some of these beauts to your own growing list!

Suzanne D'Amato, Editor-in-Chief

From left to right; top row to bottom row:

The crisp, clean eucalyptus scent of this wreath fills your home and lasts for weeks. It's one of those gifts just about anyone would appreciate (I gave one to my mother-in-law and she loved it!).

Coddled eggs are rich, creamy, and nearly mistake-proof. I also like the coddlers themselves: They're smartly designed, super-easy to clean, and oddly adorable.

I've never met a hot sauce I didn't like, and I'd really like someone to get this for me.

Love the streamlined design on these trays and the pop of shine feels unexpected. I'd use these for serving snacks, corralling my keys, and displaying my fragrance collection on the dresser.

Kristen Miglore, Creative Director

This snuggly double oven mitt (below, top left) is my go-to gift for cooks and bakers. It shields hands better than normal potholders, and it will never wander away when you need it, since it’s designed to always hang supportively on the oven door.

More of Kristen's picks below:

Josh Cohen, Test Kitchen Chef

Sandor Katz is one of my culinary heroes. This book will help you to make delicious and beautiful homemade pickles, but it will also empower and help you to feel more self-sufficient and creative. You will be inspired! You will make pickles and share those pickles with your friends and family!

From left to right:

This seed greeting card set is such a good idea. Here are the facts: 1. You should be sending more cards. You know it's true. In this modern world, it is a special treat to give/receive a hand-written card. 2. You are giving someone not just a pretty and thoughtful card. You're giving the gift of a fun home project and something cheery and beautiful. These cards are also seed packets. Boom!

This simple object is such a vital tool. It's underrated and often overlooked, but when you have a place to rest your dirty wooden spoon or whisk while you are cooking, then your kitchen remains clean, and you remain calm and happy while you cook. Plus, let's be honest—these spoon rests are pretty.

Lindsay-Jean Hard, Contributing Writer & Editor

From left to right:

I would be delighted if this entire little wood and ceramic winter forest showed up and made itself at home on my mantel.

I mean, my quote is already on these scrubbers, but I truly adore them.

From left to right:

Prior to receiving this candle as a gift, I would not have gravitated towards anything smoky or remotely masculine, but this candle is incredible. There's a reason much of the team is obsessed with it.

This guy hangs out in our living room and gets a good workout holding magazines and my daughter's mermaid blanket. It's sleek and functional, and we get a comment about it almost every time someone new comes to our house.

Joanna Sciarrino, Managing Editor

I'm really into the idea of giving wreaths this holiday—they're festive and fragrant without being over-the-top, and they bring a welcome dose of freshness inside.

More of Joanna's picks below:

Nikkitha Bakshani, Associate Editor

From left to right; top row to bottom row:

As much as I love the ease of electric rice cookers, I love that with this one by Staub, I can customize it to any grain other than rice (and mix it with curries and assorted seasonings right in the pot). I can use it for pasta, and other dishes I'm making individual servings of. And it's so easy on the eyes (I have the navy) that I just keep it on the stove all the time. Since I got it, I've barely used my microwave to reheat anything, as this does it so fast, and makes it taste better (I swear). I like that it's oven-safe so I can make this no-knead bread in it, among so many other things. I could put it in the dishwasher but I never do, because I care too much about it!

I love that this dish rack looks so nice and is super-easy to clean. It might be too small for people who don't have dishwashers; but also, if you don't, it makes sure your dishes are back on the shelves fast.

While I don't own these plates (yet), I see them used in shoots all the time and marvel at how nice and dynamic food looks in them. I've always found those kinds of paper plates waaaay too thin (I always take the MOST food at parties, and that food is not leafy), so the porcelain iteration is just perfect for me.

A good, stylish trivet really does make a huge difference. I discovered this after I made pizza chicken, and had to put the skillet on the back side of a sheet pan. Not good for the 'gram. I also love that these trivets are modular, and they look great on the table even with nothing on them.

Valerio Farris, Staff Writer

I dream of waking up between the earthy softness of these sheets.

Both of these cookbooks are at the top of my cart!

From left to right; top row to bottom row:

I'm constantly trying to cut down on paper towel usage; these towels seem like a good place to start.

Find me in breakfast heaven with this griddle.

Any good millennial loves their house plants.

A house plant on its own is one thing, but three houseplants displayed all together, that's a different story.

What are you eyeing from the Shop this season? Be sure to share them with us by tagging #f52home.

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