10 Brunch Cocktails to Get Your Weekend Going

January  5, 2018

What makes a cocktail a brunch cocktail? Does it have to contain a bracing splash of grapefruit juice, an absurd amount of pickled garnishes, or perhaps come with a cup of coffee (or cold brew?) Or does it just have to be drunk between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.?

I'll argue that any cocktail can be classified as a brunch cocktail if you say it is. And never has a brunch cocktail been more necessary than on the first weekend back after the holidays, when reality has set in, and you need a leisurely Sunday meal—and a boozy afternoon libation—more than ever before. Yes, January is the time of cleansing and resetting—but that can wait until next Monday, right? Here are 10 drinks to help you start the weekend off right, with a bit of a buzz.

What are your favorite boozy brunch sips? Or do you prefer to skip the alcohol before 5 p.m.? Tell us in the comments!

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