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5 Salads You Can Totally Toss Together in 5 Minutes

May 23, 2018

When’s the last time you made a salad in five minutes? It may sound like a silly demand for brisk efficiency, but I'm of the camp that believes foods that go down easy can be just as easy (and quick!) to prepare.

Sure, good food takes time, but not always.

With summer in (almost) full swing, salads are ready for their moment in the sun. And the best summer salads are clean and minimal. They’re chunky and let their individual players shine, and don't often have more than five components. With produce at its annual peak, why bury it in heavy dressings and among an array of other loud ingredients?

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Here are five salad recipes that you can make in five minutes. No stove, not much chopping, loooots of reward.

This clean medley lets the individual components do all the talking. The fruity cubes are punched up with a splash of balsamic and taken to the next level with some crunchy sunflowers seeds. Oh, and don't forget the feta!

This one's as green as they come. Crunchy cucumbers meet up with creamy avocado and it's for sure a good time. Top it all off with mint and a bit of lime juice and you've got yourself a mean, green, summer salad machine.

This salad has watermelon—which is like the quarterback of all summer foods—in it, so you know this one's running straight to the finish line... end zone... three-pointer? Eh, sports aren't my forte.

Is there anything more beautiful than this bountiful plate of sliced tomatoes? Not for me there's not! Think of this like a Caprese, but better. Why? Because there's nectarines in it of course!

Asparagus is precious—we know that. But instead of roasting or charring it, why not leave it raw and shave it into a salad? You definitely won't regret it.

How do you 5-minute salad? Tell us your approach in the comments below.

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Valerio Farris

Written by: Valerio Farris

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msmely May 25, 2018
A cucumber sunomono (with or without wakame.) Yeah sure you should salt the cucumber and let it drain and that theoretically takes more than five minutes. If you use a light hand (or dress and salt as you eat it) it doesn't get super watery. Even if it gets watery, the water is delicious.
Ttrockwood May 24, 2018
I’m flattered you think i can shave a pound of raw asparagus into ribbons in five minutes!
Author Comment
Valerio F. May 24, 2018
Super speed! That recipe definitely works best scaled down. Asparagus salad for one? For sure!