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10 No-Cook Breakfasts That'll Get You Out the Door Lickety-Split

(Or at least stop snoozing your alarm.)

August 22, 2018
Photo by James Ransom

I’m a morning person. I love the beginning of the day, when my mood is bright and everything feels possible. And yet, when it’s 80° F by sunrise, even I find it a challenge to leave my cool, dark room and soft sheets.

And turning on the stove to scramble eggs or stir oatmeal? Forget about it. I need something cold and easy—either make-ahead or throw-together—to convince me to stop snoozing my alarm. I'm thinking sweet or spicy smoothies, nutty bars, and oats that get the same beauty rest that I do. Here, I’ve gathered ten of our very best no-cook breakfasts. All easy enough to get you of bed, and maybe (just maybe) to make you a morning person, too.

1. Matcha Smoothie

If you’re looking for a caffeine boost without the coffee, start your day with green tea. The matcha in this smoothie with keep you alert throughout the day, while the spinach, cashews, hemp seeds, and bananas provide creaminess and protein. Plus, it only needs 30 seconds in a blender.

2. Turkish Breakfast

This recipe comes from Sara Jenkins, who is not a breakfast fan. Instead, she favors "a heady start to the day, but not something that I’m about to make first thing in the morning before I rush off to work—especially since I like to sleep until the last possible moment, then eat something quick, nutritious, and energizing as well as really delicious." Turns out this fruity, seedy, nutty meal is the perfect compromise.

3. Breakfast Chia Pudding

Honestly, this pudding is just as easy as a bowl of cereal. Simply place the chia seeds in a bowl, then pour whatever liquid your heart desires (we’re partial to pecan milk) over them. Eat right away, or wait 5 minutes for the seeds to soak up the liquid and get gloriously gelatinous.

4. Chocolate, Cherry & Coconut Breakfast Bars

These bars have it all: cold, creamy, chocolatey, gooey, chewy, super sweet and sour from the cherries, and crunchy from the almonds and coconut. Pro tip: Store them in the freezer and eat them semi-frozen on hot, lazy summer mornings.

5. Spicy-Sweet Carrot Smoothie

Yes, you can start your day with vegetables. This smoothie gets its sweetness from a whole cup of carrots (plus some pineapple and banana), and a spicy kick from fresh ginger. Gulp this down in the a.m. and you’re already batting 1000.

6. Tahini-Chocolate Chunk Overnight Oats

Forget cookies—overnight oats get the tahini and chocolate treatment. Just combine everything in a bowl or jar the night before, and it’ll thicken as you both sleep.

7. Apricot, Date & Cashew Snack Balls

These aren’t your ordinary energy balls. Sweet, buttery cashews give these bites a texture that’s hard to beat, plus tart apricots add a depth of flavor.

8. Vegan Banana Cashew Yogurt

Cashews and bananas make the creamiest, sweetest non-dairy yogurt yet. Top with granola or peanut butter or (my personal favorite) tons and tons of berries.

9. Beet, Berry, Tahini Smoothie

Psst—you don’t need to make your smoothie morning-of. Here, we’ve got a guide to making your very own kit that works for your (and your fruit's!) schedule. Kick it off with this beet, berry, and tahini number.

10. School Morning Museli

Another overnight overachiever—just mix oats, dried cranberries, and milk together and refrigerate. In the morning, all it needs is a sprinkle of fresh fruit and drizzle of honey.

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Heipless M. April 28, 2020
My mother would allow young or older males in the kitchen
My wife would not allow me in the kitchen.
I'm now an 86 year old widower.
Could I get some basic recipes that I can cook, my cupboard does not
have many of the ingredients mentioned .
Nora S. September 9, 2018
Nora S

Ripe cantaloupe and crunchy salted almond butter, on a plate when time for a leisurely breakfast/brunch, or as a sandwich on whole grain toast, which I used to bring to work for breakfast, instead of rushing to eat at home. It's been an enduring flavor combination.
Linda V. September 9, 2018
Toast, ricotta cheese, pistachios and honey..
Kate's K. September 9, 2018
Honey wheat toast spread with 1 tablespoon your fav nut butter, thinly sliced Apple, and if you like...a drizzle of honey .
Nancy August 22, 2018
I like yogurt combinations like Sara Jenkins' Turkish Yogurt breakfast.
Also, further to your carrot & beet smoothie ideas & keeping many colors to your diet, there's a green smoothie I like a lot. Not too sweet, mostly vegetables and proteins.
BerryBaby August 22, 2018
My breakfast Crunch and Munch toast...multi grain toast, peanut butter, jam, topped with your favorite flaky, crunchy cereal.
Toast is a fabulous base for hundreds of combinations.