11 New Ways to Use Leftovers

November 28, 2013

You're probably a little full right now. You convinced yourself the annual post-meal nap was due to tryptohphan (it's not!), and you gave plenty of thanks. But it's not time write off Thanksgiving just yet -- your Tupperware is stuffed to the brim. Why not transform your leftovers into dishes that look and taste nothing like what you ate today?

So, turn on the radio, listen to some Christmas carols, and avoid the grocery store for awhile.

Turkey Pot Pie for Another Day by Jennifer Ann 

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Turkey Pot Pie by Food52


Roy Finamore's Sweet Potato-Cornmeal Sandwich Loaf by Nicholas

Sandwich from Food52


Thankful for Leftover Turkey Jambalaya by aargersi

Jambalaya from Food52


Sauteed Kale, Roasted Sweet Potato and Poached Egg Holiday Toast by cristinasciarra

Toast from Food52


Turkey Tetrazzini by QueenofGreen

Tetrazzini from Food52


Brussels Sprout and Chorizo Beer Hash by Brussels Sprouts for Breakfast

Hash from Food52


Airy Rosemary Citrus Pignole Bread Pudding by gabriellaskitchen

Bread pudding from Food52


Not Exactly Grandma's Migas by lastnightsdinner

Migas from Food52


Butternut Squash and Roasted Garlic Galette by lorinarlock

Butternut squash galette from Food52


Welsh Rarebit with Spinach by cooklynveg

Rarebit from Food52


Turkey Pho by WinnieAb

Turkey Pho by Food52


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