32 Frozen Treats That Are Anything But Ordinary

August 29, 2016

Chocolate and vanilla are classic—they're fine. They're good. They're the classics for a reason. But in our book, the funkier, the better. Which is why you see us sandwiching a genius sorbet between salty, olive-oily slabs of focaccia, packing our ice cream full of chunks, and infusing the custard bases with sweet corn and black pepper, or oatmeal, or mint and basil. Join us (and clink your cone or ice pop against your bud's in celebration of summer) by making one of these 15 frozen treats:

This story originally ran June 8, 2016—but we're rerunning an updated version today, because ice cream is still always in season.

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MySeeds June 30, 2017
Dairy free (it's banana based) N-Ice-Cream didn't make the list? There are so many flavors you can create nicecream with easily, and free from churning or even added sugar that it's surprising to see it absent while oil flavored ice cream and tomato-pops made it in. This list is quite exotic and fun to see & it's correct that frozen desserts should always be in season, but on the next round-up, did you need a nICEcream recipe?