See What Amanda, Merrill & the Rest of Our Team is Cooking for Thanksgiving

November  6, 2016

Here at the Food52 offices, we spend the weeks (who are we kidding—we spend the months) leading up to the last Thursday in November thinking about pumpkin pie, table settings, and the evasion of awkward conversations with relatives.

Then, after all that fretting planning, the actual holiday comes around and we part ways, trudging skipping to our respective homes to turn on the oven and embark on the journey.

But it seems unfair, after the build-up, to not know precisely what everyone else is making (is this invasive? or are we just curious cooks?). Luckily, the Thanksgiving Menu Genie not only helps you plan your menu with consideration, it also makes it easy to share your menu (via email, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest) with...

  • Friends who have decided to go elsewhere ("Look what you're missing!")
  • Guest who are asking what they can bring ("Well, if you're asking...")
  • Relatives with dietary restrictions ("Just making sure there's something on here you'll enjoy!")
  • Colleagues with whom you've been talkin' turkey with for 2 months straight ("I'm going with the Barbara Kafka turkey; you trying Russ Parsons'?")

Thanks to the Genie, even though I didn't receive an invite to Amanda's, Merrill's, or Kristen's Thanksgivings (oh, you too?), I can still see what's on their menus.

Here's a look for you, too!

Amanda Hesser is not serving turkey (mic drop)

Find out what's taking turkey's place in the center of Amanda's table here, and see a few of the other meal rounder-outers below:

Merrill Stubbs can't decide on dessert

And who can blame her?! She's got four end-of-meal sweets (three or which are apple-based) on her menu. Mosey on through her whole feast here (she's got some of her personal favorites, including Irish Brown Soda Bread and Tuscan Onion Confit).

Kristen Miglore's menu screams (sings?) "bright & whirly"

See a sneak peek of Kristen menu below, or browse the full banquet here. It's not all Genius (though that is an option—and a very good one, at that).

Lauren Locke will not skip her family's corn pudding

But she's got a few other dishes on the agenda, too.

Ryan Merrill will make two types of sweet potato casseroles

And also some non-orange side—if he must.

Victoria Maynard is making a Thanksgiving meal for four...

...but her menu looks like it might serve 20. She's got some deciding to do.

Catherine O'Donnell checks off all the classics

While leaving plenty of room for a few wildcards, like queso fundido.

Rebecca Salisbury is planning for two of everything

Two types of pie, two types of potatoes, two orange sides, two green sides... but only one (spatchcocked!) turkey. See her whole menu here.

What are YOU serving for Thanksgiving? The Food52 Thanksgiving Menu Genie can help you decide!

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52 Days of Thanksgiving

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    Sarah Y
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    Sarah Jampel
I used to work at Food52. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream.


Sarah Y. November 8, 2016
I still can't get to the link of each contributor's full feast. :/
Sarah J. November 8, 2016
HI Sarah! I just checked them all and they'll all working for me. Which are you having particular trouble with?
Archie1954 November 8, 2016
The reason it is very difficult to change the traditional dishes that comprise the holiday dinner repast, is because it only occurs once a year. If you change the tradition one year and are disappointed then you wait another 12 months before you can enjoy the meal you missed. Very few people are willing to take that risk.
Deb November 7, 2016
Why are none of the links to the menus taking us to the right place?
Sarah J. November 7, 2016
Oh no, that certainly shouldn't be the case! Let me triple-check them all now! Thanks for letting me know.
Sarah J. November 7, 2016
Hi Deb, We're experiencing some technical difficulties with these links (womp, womp). I've fixed them for now and we'll try to have a bigger fix later, too!