14 Impressive (But Not Hard!) Valentine's Day Desserts

Don't cop out with a box of chocolates. (Kidding, kidding—we're only saying this to get you to keep reading! If you like chocolates, buy them.) Instead, make one of the 14 desserts below. They're impressive, yes, but difficult only in appearance.

Our resident baking expert, Erin McDowell, breaks down even the most complicated of desserts into an easy to understand (and make) format. She's the only person we know who can make a sky-high roulade seems like a manageable baking project.

With Erin's help, you, too, can stun the heck out of your significant other, friends, family, or whomever you're baking for this Tuesday. Here's what to make (and we do think they're a better form of affection than any ol' greeting card):

You can use any kind of cookie you like: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry (one commenter suggested matcha!). They're crispy, craggy-topped, and ready to be filled with whipped cream.

Like butterscotch pudding, milk chocolate panna cotta, and crème anglaise!

Donuts for desserts sounds like the dream, amirite? (For a non-yeasted option, see below.)

You can bake or fry these guys. Plus, if you're more of a fan of denser, cake-like (who would've guessed?) donuts, these are for you.

It's still not fall and we're still giddy at the thought of apple dumplings—the lightly sweet, cinnamon-y fruit wrapped within a crispy pie crust shell.

Filled with mousse instead of frosting. Covered with a silky-smooth glaze. That's what you call a win-win.

What's that saying? Pretty as a picture?

You can assemble this few days ahead, then pull it out on Valentine's Day like you've been in the kitchen, mousse-making all day.

A Nutella-like filling and you don't have to even bother with a pie crust.

And why haven't you made this for Valentine's Day before?

Make this pie and February 14th will henceforth be known as the day dreams come true.

Pour mugs of hot cocoa (topped with whipped cream or marshmallows, if you like) and get comfy on the couch with a cutesy movie on. You're welcome.

Aw, and they're heart-shaped! How perfect.

What says "love" more than a vertical cake that seems to defy all cake limits and frosting boundaries?

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