12 Hearty (And Vegan!) Mains to Warm You Up, From the Inside Out

January  4, 2018

When my breath forms tiny, visible puffs in the outdoors and just looking out the window gives me shivers, I crave comforting, rib-sticking dishes. I want hearty, blizzard-battling meals that will serve as woolly blankets for my insides. But in a New Year's resolution-fueled attempt to add more plants to my plate, I’d also like for some of those warming dinners to be vegan. Thankfully, I can have it both ways: there are plenty of meat, dairy, and egg-free meals that are as just cozy as any cream-filled soup or cheesy pasta. Here are 12 satisfying vegan dinners guaranteed to keep you toasty and full this January and onwards.

What comfort foods do you turn to in the winter? Any vegan favorites?

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