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May  5, 2023
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Here at Food52, we have a lot of opinions, from what you should make for dinner tonight to the ideal plates, bowls, and glassware for serving said dinner. To close out our Community Celebration Week, we decided to do what we do best: give you our very best recommendations for the recipes, products, and articles, all hand-picked by our staff. These are the dishes that we can’t stop cooking, the most helpful, informative stories, and the Shop products we’ve been using for years.

Note: Quotes have been edited for length and clarity.


1. Our 34 Best Nonalcoholic Cocktails for Flavor-Filled, Booze-Free Sipping

This article is a go-to for fun ideas. It’s so hard to find a solid roundup with this many creative options. It’s also definitely saved a few friends in need of something for a book club or house-warming. —Victor Wong, Head of Partner Operations

2. 30 Easy Soup Recipes to Slurp All Winter Long

I firmly believe that soup season isn't just a season, it's a lifestyle. It doesn't matter if it's scorching hot on a summer day—I want soup all year round. This list has some of my all-time favorites: Just close your eyes, pick a random one, and dinner is served! —Dominique Evans, Social Content Creator

3. The Absolute Best Way to Cook a Hot Dog, According to So Many Tests

This investigation from Ella Quittner is the gold standard of Hot Dog Research. Whenever I'm craving a pork missile, I head straight to this article. —Paul Hagopian, Editorial Intern

4. 4 Must-Visit Mexican Restaurants in Portland, According to Rick Martínez

Rick Martínez can do no wrong in my book, whether it's his recipes or his nail polish colors—that's why I've bookmarked this article that features his Portland, Ore. Mexican restaurant recommendations. Now I just need to buy my flight! —Madison Trapkin, Associate Editor


5. Stewy White Beans with Escarole, Garlic & Sizzled Rosemary

I make these beans almost every week, substituting kale for escarole. I love it, and it’s my four-year-old’s favorite meal. —Rob Strype, Video Editing Lead

6. Shiitake Salmon With Crispy Skin From Marc Matsumoto

I’ll take this salmon and Garlicky Roasted Potatoes to my desert island! —Sebastian Sardo, Brand Manager, Pantry

7. Ina Garten's Skillet-Roasted Lemon Chicken

This is my go-to dish in a pinch, and it’s nostalgic—something I made with my mom at least twice a week in early Covid days. It makes for a perfectly balanced and stress-free meal with little planning. —Eric Do, Product Manager

8. Miso & Banana Upside-Down Cake

Michelle Rabin's Miso & Banana Upside-Down Cake is my platonic ideal of baked goods—it's sweet, savory, and incredibly easy to make, even if you're not a pro baker (read: I am not a pro baker). —Madison Trapkin, Associate Editor

9. Gochujang-Yogurt Chicken With Garlic Butter Rice

I make this all the time for dinner! The garlic rice, especially, is something I’ll serve on the side with tons of other dinners. —Lizzie Greene, Head of Brand Partnerships Sales

10. Rum Punch

Whenever it's hot out, I want rum punch—and this recipe is really good. —Paul Hagopian, Editorial Intern

11. Alton Brown's Shrimp Gumbo

I am a gumbo freak, and I think this recipe is so great for someone looking to make an easy gumbo. I love how he has you make the roux in the oven. It saves so much time. —Lizzie Greene, Head of Brand Partnerships Sales

12. Sour Cream Coffee Cake With Cinnamon Swirl

This Sour Cream Coffee Cake recipe is a go-to in my family. It is so easy to make, it’s moist, it’s delicious, and it’s perfect for when you’re hosting a few people and need something to last all weekend long. —Emily Leahy Bowers, Brand Strategy Director

13. Harissa Chicken With Leeks, Potatoes, & Yogurt

Melissa Clark's Harissa Chicken With Leeks, Potatoes & Yogurt is a longtime weeknight go-to meal for me! It's easy, quick, and packed with flavor. —Julia Nelson, Social Media Manager

14. Orange-Cardamom Olive Oil Cake

I make this cake OFTEN. —Isabel Montes, Video Editor

15. Tahini Pistachio Granola From Jenné Claiborne

I love this tahini granola recipe. It's simple, uses pantry staples, is easy to clean-up...not to mention it's delicious! —Hannah Karns, Sales Director

16. Sheet-Pan Harissa Chicken With Smashed Olives & Apricots

This is a dish I come back to again and again. One, it’s super easy to clean up (a sheet-pan dinner never misses), and two, I love experimenting with adding veggies or swapping out apricots for dates. It's endlessly customizable and gives me leftovers for a few work lunches. —Emily Ziemski, Food Editor

17. Coconut Dal With Kale From ‘Rambutan: Recipes from Sri Lanka’

This dish, excerpted from Cynthia Shanmugalingam’s 2022 cookbook Rambutan, is one of my favorite weeknight dinners, especially if I’m cooking for friends who are vegetarian or have dietary restrictions. It’s easy, fast, so delicious, and made with cheap, adaptable pantry staples. —Anabelle Doliner, Editorial & Production Assistant

18. Spicy Eggplant Pasta

I really love this Spicy Eggplant Pasta. It's surprisingly hearty for a vegan dish and has such delicious sweet and savory notes. Great for a weeknight dinner to throw together and such a crowd pleaser! —Sydney Brown, Brand Partnerships Intern

19. Steak Dinner for One With Fish Sauce & Lime Butter

This steak recipe from Eric Kim is in my constant rotation! —Rebekah Daniels, Manager, Account Management

20. Vibrant Turmeric Coconut Rice From Andrea Nguyen

I know it feels wild to pour fancy coconut water into your rice, but seriously—run, don't walk. It’s perfection. —Anna Billingskog, Senior Food Stylist

21. Sheet-Pan Crispy Rice with Bacon & Broccoli

I made this Sheet-Pan Crispy Rice with Bacon & Broccoli a few weeks ago, and let me tell you... I'll be making it again very soon. —Sam Brahler, Senior Account Manager, Brand Partnerships

22. Halfsies Chicken

I love making this chicken recipe in the summer when we have a bunch of people over and we're grilling. —Rebekah Daniels, Manager, Account Management

23. Bill Smith’s Atlantic Beach Pie

I have made this numerous times. I’ve used different citrus juices, other crackers. It’s never not a hit, and it’s stupid delicious. —Anna Billingskog, Senior Food Stylist

24. Peach Butter Cinnamon Rolls

I'm a sucker for cinnamon rolls and these are pretty banging, especially as the summer near —Nick Paradise, Senior Director, Product

25. Olive Oil–Braised Chickpeas From Joy the Baker

I love this recipe so much. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve made it for myself and for people that I love. —Anna Billingskog, Senior Food Stylist

26. Miso-Mushroom Pasta

A staple in my Tuesday Pasta Night routine. So much flavor, yet so easy to make. —Gina Shub, Senior Manager, CRM & Loyalty

27. Pumpkin Coffee Cake With Maple Glaze

I’m a huge pumpkin fan, and this really hits the spot. —Sam Mohr, Email Marketing Manager

28. Tomato Soup With a Whole Head of Garlic

In my book, the more garlic the better. This recipe never disappoints. —Jacqui Murphy, Brand & Strategic Partnerships

29. Toasted Sesame Cookies

These cookies are absolutely delish! The toasted sesame oil completes them. —Alana Cooper, Senior Sales Director

30. Olive Oil & Maple Granola From Nekisia Davis

Perfectly salty and sweet. It’s DELICIOUS. —Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson, VP, Creative

31. Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza Recipe From King Arthur Flour

This cheesy pizza gives me old-school, nostalgic, dine-in Pizza Hut vibes. It’s crispy, chewy, and cheesy. I pull this out for a quick family meal on a Tuesday or as a crowd-pleasing app for a dinner party. —Matt Greenberg, SVP, Brand Partnerships

32. Grandma DiLaura's Italian Ricotta Gnocchi

I've made this recipe a million times, and each time I'm newly delighted by just how quick the dough is to assemble and how pillowy the finished gnocchi are. The recipe comes from Christina DiLaura who was our first Shop director. —Amanda Hesser, Co-founder

33. Cheesy Potato Soup With Peppered Scallions

I make this soup all the time. It tastes like so much more than the sum of its parts, and the peppered scallions are not to be missed. —Margaret Lunetta, Senior Producer, Brand Partnerships Video

34. 10-Minute Egg Drop Soup

This Egg Drop Soup recipe is extra-special to me since it comes from my friend, who learned the recipe from his grandmother. It takes just 10 minutes to pull together (yes, actually) and is a bowl full of savory, comforting goodness. —Erin Alexander, Managing Editor

35. Chocolate Dump-It Cake

A bundt cake is always overlooked but, in my opinion, is far superior because you get icing on most of your slice! The sour cream-based frosting is a perfect tangy compliment to the sweet, gooey chocolate cake. —Kiernan Black, Studio Manager

36. Renee Erickson's Sautéed Dates

I’ve served these at every dinner party I've had, and they’re always the thing people leave talking about and ask me the recipe for after. —Margaret Lunetta, Senior Producer, Brand Partnerships Video

37. Creamy Mushroom Pasta

This creamy mushroom pasta is like a warm hug. It's so quick to make and the balsamic vinegar gives it such a special flavor. It’s great to make for a group, and it’s always met with rave reviews! —Lindsey Green, Brand Strategy Manager

38. Ricotta Spoonable

I love Dorie Greenspan's Ricotta Spoonable. It’s something that’s very easy and delicious for hosting, or just maybe something to eat with a glass of wine. I found it via this Make-Ahead Lazy Sunday Menu the team put together, which also includes one of my husband’s faves, Ali Slagle’s Tortellini with Mortadella & Peas. —Ariel Pietrobono Costa, Creative Strategy Director


39. Graf Lantz Felt Coasters

I’m a huge fan of these felt coasters. I truly never thought I could love a coaster so much. They absorb moisture, are minimal-looking, and don’t stick to your glass when you lift them up. Love. —Celeste Scollan, Senior Copywriter

40. Flower Salad Servers

There's truly nothing more joyful than zany serving utensils, and these flower-shaped ones from our Shop take the cake. I love showing these off when I'm hosting! —Madison Trapkin, Associate Editor

41. OXO Good Grips Aluminum Fold Flat Dish Rack

This OXO dish rack lives next to my sink and is a game changer —Emily Leahy Bowers, Brand Strategy Director

42. Kinto Double-Walled Insulated Travel Tumbler

This travel tumbler is my absolute fave! It’s easy to fill thanks to the two-piece lid, and it looks pretty wherever I set it (which is everywhere in my apartment). —Maurine Hainsworth, Senior Copywriter

43. Smithey Cast-Iron 2-in-1 Flat Top Griddle & Skillet

We use our Smithey cast iron set every weekend—the skillet for bacon and roasting veggies and the griddle for pancakes and quesadillas. —Hannah Karns, Senior Sales Director

44. Yamazaki Home Wood-Handled Dish Rack

This Yamazaki dish rack will always be my favorite. It’s so well-designed and has held up wonderfully over the last couple years. —Ariel Pietrobono Costa, Creative Strategy Director

45. Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

I don't know how I ever lived without my Breville Bambino Plus! It makes the best espresso for cappuccinos and lattes, and it's the perfect size for my limited countertop space. —Erin Alexander, Managing Editor

46. Mosser Colored Glass Nesting Shallow Bowls

I'm absolutely OBSESSED with the Mosser Colored Glass Nesting Shallow Bowls! All of the colors are beautiful, but my favorite is the Jadeite —Ryan Gross, Senior Program Activation Strategist, Brand Partnerships

47. Sobremesa Hand-Blown Recycled Margarita Glasses

My fave product, especially with the blue rim. —Joy Peabody, Chief Growth Officer

48. Wooden Biscuit Cutter

Beautiful to behold, light as a feather, cuts a biscuit precisely. I leave mine on an open shelf so I can see it every day. They're handmade by Al Mather. —Amanda Hesser, Co-founder

49. Magnetic Storage Basket for Fridge

Even if I'll never be Team “Clean-As-You-Go,” I remain proud of the 40+ kitchen towels I keep neatly arranged in this storage basket on the side of my fridge. I always have a towel at the ready for patting down just-washed tomatoes or a compostable sponge cloth ready to wipe down my counter. —Mollie Doherty, Senior Producer, Studio52

50. Eternal Snow Goblets

These Serax cocktail glasses are beyond fun and have become my go-to for any drinks after 7 p.m., whether it's Perrier, Diet Coke, or a martini. I always get compliments on them. —Alex Hughes, VP, Content and Audience Development

51. Vintage-Inspired Persian Vinyl Kitchen Mats & Runners

I actually use this mat as my cat's food and drink area. I love my girl to death, but when she's eating her wet food, she is a mess. This mat makes sure that I can quickly wipe up any spills and drips, and it creates a cute delineated spot in the kitchen that's just for her. —Emily Ziemski, Food Editor

52. Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp

I put this on EVERYTHING: eggs, fried rice, stir-fries. It’s the best. —Alex Scarfone, Director, CRM & Lifecycle Marketing

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Anabelle Doliner

Written by: Anabelle Doliner

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