A Vegan Dinner Party

April  9, 2012

In the culinary world, vegans tend to get a bad rap. They're stereotyped as anemic zealots, ready to crash our dinner parties wielding stalks of celery as they try to force us to shun meat. In reality, vegan food can be a goldmine of adventurous flavors for even the most carnivorous amongst us.

Armed with this knowledge and a dose of healthy curiosity, we challenged ourselves to come up with an complete plant-based feast that celebrates vegetables in an entirely indulgent way.

First, we'll start with some appetizers...

Pain a l'Ancienne
by thirschfeld

Fig and Olive Tapenade
by Kayb

Meg's Marinated Mushrooms
by hardlikearmour

and a drink (of course).

Green with Envy
by gingerroot

celery cocktail

Then there's your requisite bowl of soup...

Paul Bertolli's Cauliflower Soup
by Genius Recipes

leading up to the main course...

Fregola Sarda with Caramelized Squash
and Charmoula by porktopurslane

which is accompanied by three lovely sides.

Pink Greens by Marissa Grace


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Beets and Herbs Salad by amanda

beet salad

A Medley of Roasted Potatoes with Homemade Za'atar & Aleppo Pepper

And we would never, ever leave you hanging when it comes to dessert.

Coconut Cajeta Chocolate Fondue
by hardlikearmour


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    susan g
Yes, my name rhymes.


onetribegourmet April 10, 2012
I recently became a vegetarian and am always looking for dinner ideas! Thank you for using my roasted potatoes with za'atar as an option!
Umami April 9, 2012
Yes, I agree with susan g. This would make a delicious dinner but the addition of some nuts, beans and pulses would be necessary for anyone who eats this way more than occasionally.
Arathi April 9, 2012
I love this! I've been wanting to have a dinner party for a vegan friend and I had a lot of different menu options but wasn't sure if they all want together. This is great!
foodie-pretense April 9, 2012
Glad to see a diverse spread of starches represented.
susan G. April 9, 2012
I'd be happy to sit down to this meal -- colors, textures, flavors abound. In a vegan or vegetarian meal, the distinction between 'main course' and 'sides' breaks down. As you show, a variety of dishes can all contribute to make a complete 'whole.' I do, however, have to ask the classic question, where's the protein? While all whole foods are likely to have at least minimal amounts, I (veg since 1977) do look to my beans, grains, nuts and seeds for that balance. Protein requirements are often overstated, but let's keep it all in mind -- fruit & veg, good carbs, good fats and some more obvious protein too.