12 Cocktails for Father's Day

June 13, 2014

One day every spring, we pull out all the stops for our moms. We shower them in flowers, in cakes, in lovely, fizzy drinks -- all to show them just how much we care. But our dads? They get a pack of golf balls. Maybe a last-minute steak.

This year, let’s do better. Forget the cuff links and ties that will never see the light of day -- we’re giving our dads what they really want: a drink. Whether yours is a Sazerac man or the beer-and-basketball type, we rounded up the cocktails you need to celebrate Father’s Day right. Treat dear old dad to a springy dinner -- hold the steak -- and then pour his drink of choice. He’ll thank you later.  

Dark 'n Stormy by Amanda Hesser

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Tom Collins by Erik Lombardo


Old Fashioned by Erika Kotite


Paloma by Erik Lombardo


Southside by Erik Lombardo


Blood and Sand by Erik Lombardo


Whiskey Sour by Erik Lombardo


Moscow Mule by Amanda Hesser


Americano by Erik Lombardo


Margarita by Erika Kotite


Sazerac by Erika Kotite



Homemade Alcoholic Ginger Beer by Catherine Lamb


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  • Doug Bower
    Doug Bower
  • CookingIsLikeLove
Lisa is a noodle fiend and a chocolate hoarder. She probably wants to make you cookies.


Doug B. May 28, 2015
You really need a Manhattan on this list of "Dad Drinks."
CookingIsLikeLove June 13, 2014
MMMMM a whisky sour is my favourite drink. After a glass of Glenmorangie Nector d'or... ;)