13 Garlicky Dishes for Summer

August 13, 2014

Here's how you know that you're definitely not a vampire: 

  • You start off every meal by sliding a hefty pile of minced garlic into a sauté pan full of sizzling olive oil.
  • There's no feeling more gratifying than when a garlic clove's skin comes off with one valiant smash of your knife. 
  • You don't consider a piece of toasted bread "toast" or "crostini" unless its every crevice is rubbed with garlic. 
  • You actually enjoy the fact that your fingertips smell of garlic when you go to bed after a long day of mincing, and you've never understood why garlic breath has a negative connotation. 
  • Dishes with subtle hints of garlic -- like Linguine con Vongole and Mussels Dijonnaise -- are great, but dishes that make garlic the star are even better. 

We've rounded up 13 dishes that feature garlic in all its different temperaments: sharp, pungent, mellow, tangy, and sweet. All you garlic fiends out there, this is for you.

Sopa de Ajo (Garlic Soup) by Marian Bull

Garlic Scape Beef Satay with Garlic Scape Satay Dip by TheRunawaySpoon

Penelope Casa's Garlic Green Beans (Judias Verdes con Ajo) by Genius Recipes

Grilled Garlic Toast by Merrill Stubbs

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Sautéed Shrimp with Lemon, Garlic, and Parsley by Jestei 

Wild Garlic Biscuits by Tama Matsuoka Wong

Pasta with Summer Corn, Slow-Cooked Tomatoes, and Garlic Confit
 by Phyllis Grant

The Green Madame by fiveandspice

Asparagus with Young Garlic and Horseradish by Amanda Hesser

Garlic Scape Pesto by Kenzi Wilbur

Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic by Merrill Stubbs

Tempura Garlic Scapes with Garlic Scape Aioli by Alexandra Stafford

Roasted Garlic Soup with Olive Croutons by linzarella

What's your favorite dish that highlights garlic? Tell us in the comments!

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Matt L. August 14, 2014
I love marinating flank steak in garlic and olive oil overnight before grilling. Even better with some sweetcorn and olive oil mash. Here's the recipe
Tom W. August 13, 2014
Any compendium of garlic recipes which does not include New Orleans-based Chef of Bayonna Susan Spicer's recipe for Roasted Garlic Bread Soup is incomplete.