28 Holiday(ish) Cocktails That Make Any Solo Night or Party Festive

November 16, 2016

The quickest way to feel more festive, whether you want to add some class to your solo evening or if you're hosting a crowd, is to break out the best cocktail recipe you've got. Something as simple as a Gimlet or a Moscow Mule still requires mixing and serving in a fancy glass, making things a lot more formal than popping open a beer or uncorking a bottle of wine.

Pull out your mixing glass, strainer, jiggers, and shaker (or maybe just your punch bowl) and get to concocting: Here are 28 cocktails that'll make your holiday gathering (or cozy evening at home) that much more festive.

For One

For a Few

For Many

What are you stirring up and sipping this holiday? Tell us in the comments below!

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I love oysters and unfussy sandwiches.

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laurenlocally November 17, 2016
Been hemming and hawing over our Tday cocktail so this is perfectly timed.