50 Ways to a Better Game Day

January 28, 2016

The rules of game-day eating are perhaps even more stringently observed than the rules of football, and nowhere are the divisions by "team" so clear: Some will insist on beer; some will pre-game the game with a well-garnished Bloody Mary. Some will say nachos are a must; others, chili and/or wings—and others, ceviche. There's the unspoken, unquestioned mandate of finger food, and the requirement for a "balanced" menu of salt, fat, sugar, and crunch.

Study the rules ahead of time; plot out your moves. And pull from this roster of 38 recipes that adhere to at least some of the rules—and elicit cheers from the crowd:


Finger Food—The Classic

Finger Food—The Spunky


More Than a Bite

Sweet Stuff

And a Few Ways to Kick Things Off

Tell us what's on your game-day menu—and which team you're rooting for!—in the comments.

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Max February 6, 2016
1. Buffalo chicken dip<br />2. Eggrolls<br />3. Spicy Korean-style meatballs